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Bathroom Remodel: Part 6, DIY Sink from Typewriter Stand

Bathroom Remodel: Part 6, DIY Sink from Typewriter Stand

Getting rid of the old sink was actually the part that I had been looking forward to the most for this bathroom renovation. I’ve extremely disliked the sink and vanity that was in there to begin with, although the sink top was made out of Onyx, and had stood up really well to the 12 years we have lived here. This is what we started with, although we’d already taken the drawers out. Old sink with onyx top

And here is it removed.  We gave it to our local Restore store, in the hopes that someone might want it. Old sink removed

One of the main problems that I had with the sink was the fact that the faucet was only about a foot inside the doorway, which meant the sink bowl went almost to the wall.  It just made me feel like I had no elbow room.  We had ripped the sheetrock off, and our plumber, Joe, said we could move the water lines over to the left.  That’s what we did, and ended up moving the drain lines about two feet down the wall.  The only thing I was concerned with was having enough room to make it around the sink to the toilet, and enough room for the shower door to swing out. At this point, we still didn’t know how everything would fit together. New water pipes ran

Since we’d gotten rid of the original sink, we had to come up with a new one.  Double D and I had gone to all the big box stores, and nothing was just jumping out at us.  One day we were walking through an antique store, and Double D came across this old vintage typewriter stand that had a certain industrial vibe going on.  It was love at first sight. However, someone had removed the original wood top, but replaced it with some freshly stained wood.  Once I saw that, I didn’t feel so bad removing the swinging table part that was attached to it. Since I didn’t get a picture of it, you can see a picture of one similar on PinterestVintage typewriter stand base

Because the top was going to be 48″ long, we knew we’d have to have more support for the sink than just the base. We made legs out of copper, using the base for measurements, so they would line up exactly with that. copper legs built

And I painted them using Rustoleum’s Oil Rubbed Bronze.  If you are wondering why we bought copper just to paint it, we had the thought that we’d distress the copper pipes to match the fixtures for the faucet, and shower. However, we didn’t end up doing that.copper legs painted ORB

Once the flooring was finished, we could set the base where it was going. Even though the legs were going to be glued to the sink top, we also wanted them to be attached to the wall, so Double D screwed a cap into the wall on each side, and then used that to attached the legs. There was a lot of measuring involved for this process, but miraculously everything ended up being right.  No thanks to me at ALL!Connector cap installed for legs

Joe had to come back to install the sink, which he did one Saturday. Again, for the vanity top, we went with the Onyx Collection in 5/8″ Snow Swirl to match the shower.Onyx top installed

Since the faucet is wall-mounted, I wanted something to catch water from our hands, so we also installed an Onyx backsplash. That was considerably thinner at a 1/4″, but it works great. Here he has the holes drilled for the sink drain and faucet.Onyx backsplash installed

Since we were totally making this sink up as we went along, I wanted something unique for the actual sink.  I did a bit of research, and fell in love with this granite sink from LivingRoc. However, I didn’t realize when we bought it just how heavy 100 pounds really is.  I might have gone a different route if I’d realized because after it came to the house, I was a bit worried if the base would support this weight. We are now a couple of months in, and it seems to be fine though.Granite sink installed

And here is a close up of the Trinsic faucet by Delta.  It wasn’t my first choice, as I wanted a waterfall faucet, but I also wanted it to be in the same Venetian Bronze as the shower fixtures.  Delta Vero

At this point we were almost done.  And it was exactly what I had envisioned when we first saw the typewriter stand in the store. Sink finished

The last thing was that we had glass cut to go on the top of the horizontal parts of the legs. This enabled us to have a shelf of sorts, and let us see the part of the typewriter stand that was the coolest, which are the little wheels at the bottom. Glass installed on base

I love how it turned out, and it has that antique element now in the bathroom!

Thanks for looking!


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