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Finally…Our front flower bed is done

Finally…Our front flower bed is done

Well, it only took us seven years, but we finally have the front flower bed done.  I guess that isn’t entirely true, since we still have to spray paint the house numbers on the rock, but we will get there.  I guess what took the longest was making sure the pampas grass we had planted matured enough so we could see where the border of the bed should be.  Finally, I think we have it.

Here is what we started with.  A lot of grass that couldn’t be mowed because of the plants in the way.  We had the two pampas grasses, two rose of sharons, a beautiful peony, and some mystery bulbs which I believe are surprise lilies.  We shall see:-)

To start, we knew we wanted a rock that had our house numbers on it.  Kansas is known for its native limestone, and you see fence posts made out of it, if you take a drive in the country.  Our friend was having a house built, and got a lot of rock dug out when they poured their basement, so we grabbed a few for ourselves.  It was FREE!

Double D dug an especially large hole, and mixed up a bag of concrete to set the stone in. That baby isn’t going anywhere. We let that dry overnight (we waited for a dry spell, so it wouldn’t get rained on).Hole for the Rock

Dumping the cement for the rockThe next evening we went back out and filled in the hole with dirt, walked all over it to stamp down the dirt, and then soaked it with water to make sure it settled.

Taking Shape

The next step involves a shovel, and plastic edging made for gardens.  Double D shoveled a row out all around the outside while I went behind him, placing the edging in the ground and then filling back in with dirt to secure it into the ground.

Unfortunately, my camera broke and I didn’t get any pictures of the next step, which is covering the surface with a heavy-duty plastic (I think we used the 6 mil type which can be used in the paint section of most home improvement stores).  For some reason grass will not grow through this.  This is also the most tedious section if you have established plants like we did, because you have to splice the plastic around the plants, and rocks.

After this is done, it is time to add the mulch to the flower bed.  We actually add a few clumps here and there as we go just to hold the plastic down.  It is normally windy in Kansas. After the mulch is dumped, take a rake and spread it out, so it is evenly distributed around the plants.  Stand back and admire your handiwork. It looks so much better.Now, this probably won’t look like this next year.  There is some upkeep, like spreading new mulch and weed pulling, if there is any that sprout on top of the mulch.  We also have to put the house numbers on, and I might plant two plants in the bare spots around the rock.  That will mean I just have to get down to the plastic and slit a hole through it to get to the dirt.  Easy Peasy!


8 bags of mulch at $2.00 each =$16.00

1 bag of cement=$3.99

1 40 ft roll of edging= $18.96

Rock:  Free

Plastic sheeting:  Already had

Total:  $38.95

Thanks for looking.

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