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Lighted Wall Sconces

Lighted Wall Sconces

I have just realized how long it’s been since I’ve posted anything.  I’ve always thought my crafting is reliant upon my mood, and 2017 was really hard for me to be motivated to do much at all, crafting included. I’d been in a funk because my lovely cat passed away, and it has taken forever for me to get used to him not being with me anymore.  Now, for the “it’s just a cat” people out there, 18 years is a long time to have a warm being greet you at the door, and demand to spend time with you. Eighteen years is a long time to take care of, provide for, and love a furry friend each day. A lot can happen in 18 years; the good, the bad, and just normal day to day life. For us animal people, we know what is coming, and yet we still sign up for the next baby, which we did when we adopted a kitten on New Year’s Eve.

That being said, 2018 is shaping up to hopefully be better. I’m a little late with this post obviously since these were Christmas gifts, but my sister and I always try to do something crafty to give out.  This time, my aunt was the one that dropped a hint about hanging lighted wall sconces that are all over Pinterest, which seemed like it wouldn’t take much to do. I just had to find some wood, and jars.

Instead, I was walking through Hobby Lobby, and came across these already made.  I texted my sister because they were pretty much half done.  What could be easier?

I grabbed the rest of the supplies, which included some floral foam and battery operated LED lights. I actually got the lights from Joann’s, because most of the lights I found had large battery packs that I wasn’t sure I could hide easily. I also wasn’t really liking any of the flower options, until I came across single stem large flowers.  There were several options that I really liked, so I picked out colors that complemented the design on the wood.

My sister, and even my brother, helped put everything together.  We all started by hacking the ends off the floral foam and trimming the excess away to fit snuggly inside the lip of the jar. These were only about an 1/2″ thick, so it didn’t go below the metal band holding the jar.

I then hot glued the battery case to the back of the wood. I figured that would make it pretty easy to remove if the lights ever stopped working. My brother then threaded the light strand through the hole that was in the wood, and down into the jar.

My sister then placed the floral foam in the jar opening, making sure they would not slide down into the jars themselves.

I had been cutting the stems off the flower heads, and I hot glued each large flower to the floral foam. 

And there we have it. You can still see part of the light cord where the flower didn’t cover the hole, so I do wish we could have drilled a hole farther down so the flower would hide it.  Other than that, I really like how it turned out, and I also like that they were able to sit…

Or hang on the wall. Easy peasy, and they are so cute.

Thanks for looking!



Fabric Accent Wall for the Bedroom

Fabric Accent Wall for the Bedroom

I’m pretty sure Double D doesn’t blink these days when I come up with crazy ideas.

My co-worker and I were talking one day about how I’ve never liked the closet doors in our bedroom.  We have a very traditional 1970s sized closet, but there are two doors on that thing.  I’m talking two full-sized doors that don’t fold to make space.  That was the other problem…when the closet doors were open, the door to the bedroom could not be, because the doors were right next to each other.  This picture is the only before picture I could find, and it’s when we were painting the room right after we moved in. It’s also only half of the wall.  We had changed out the doorknobs a long time ago, so the brass is gone.Master bedroom closet doors

So that night, I came home and removed the doors.  Just took them off.  We lived with our closet wide open for a couple of weeks while I decided what to do.  Finally, I came across an idea using tablecloths to cover the wall.  Sounds just like what I needed.  We measured the wall, and also took stock of where the tablecloths would need to be split up.  In addition to have the two closet doors, we also had a doorway for our half bath, on the same wall. I shopped around for tablecloths, and found a pattern I liked that was 6o x 102″ long, at $14 apiece. I bought three of them, washed them, and sewed a pocket on each one for the rod to make them 97″ long. This gives them about an inch to drape a bit on the floor. Curtain pocket

That came to actually hanging the tablecloths.  We kind of made that up as we went. We started by getting the conduit, and four clips to hold it to the wall.  Two clips would be for the ends, and the other two we used in the middle for where each tablecloth ended. We used a small piece of wood for each one, allowing for the pipe itself to stand out from the wall a bit.Wall spacer and electrical clip

Then we slipped the tablecloths on the rod, and I held the whole thing up while Double D screwed the clips in place. Yes…we still have popcorn ceilings left in a couple of rooms.

Conduit with clip and fabric

The width of the entire wall was 10’7″, so we ended up getting a 10′ piece of electrical conduit, and a smaller piece, which Double D cut for the remaining. We just used a connector piece to combine the two.

Electrical conduit connector

The remaining step was attaching some way to keep the curtains back, if needed.  We eventually just decided to go with IKEA Bjarnum folding hooks, so they can be up when not in use.  We did one for the bathroom doorway, and then one on each side of the closet for the split curtains down the middle. IKEA Bjarnum Folding Hooks installed

And here is the finished wall.  It makes that wall seem so much bigger, since there isn’t three doors anymore to break up the space.  Finished wall with curtains

I decided to throw one picture on of how it looks at night, since this shows the different openings.  There was a lot going on with that wall!Finished wall with curtains and lights

One more picture, this time of the before and after. I like how the colors of the tablecloths match both the carpet color, and the paint color. I also love how the two doors don’t slam into each other, and how much room we now seem to have. Before and after of wall

Thanks for looking!




Found Object Art

Found Object Art

Wow!  It’s been a long time since I have posted anything! We’ve had an incredibly busy summer, and it just now kind of feels like I can sit back and relax a bit.  That doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing some crafty things, but mostly I’ve just been puttering around with ideas.

I did work on this over the summer though. I’ve had a old piece of wood that’s been hanging around the house.  It was part of the vintage typewriter stand that we used for the bathroom sink, when we only used the iron legs.Wood from Typewriter Stand

I also had a pair of keys, and a pair of old hinges that we picked up somewhere. I never really thought of all of them going together, until I was going through Pinterest, and I happened upon some pieces put together with found objects.  I’m actually kind of in love with this idea.

I gathered all of my pieces, and pulled out my scrapbooking materials. I started by laying out how I thought the pieces of paper would best frame the old pair of keys. I found an old cardboard frame in my supply, and used that, along with the old dictionary page.  I added some black ribbon to hang the keys with, and placed that behind the cardboard frame.Paper glued together with Keys

I combined all of those with Mod Podge, and used that to add a layer over the finished frame. mod podge and trim nails

I also had found an old graphic online that had a lock on it.  I thought that would go with the keys, and I added a saying to it. I used some old trim nails that I’ve had laying around forever to attached both items to the wood. Twine bow with keys

The final touch was to add the hinges.  I loved how heavy these hinges were, and I just attached them so that they would be part of how the piece was able to be hung. Vintage hinges on Found Object art

And this is how it turned out.  It was super easy, and I used a lot of items that I picked up here and there, but wasn’t sure how they would end up being used. I’m going to see what else is just hanging around, waiting to be a part of something!Found Object Art hung on wall

Thanks for looking!


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