I am a thirty something woman who loves to turn old things into useful, beautiful items. I discovered my abilities to create after I got married to the most wonderful man and we bought our first house.  It was then that I started collecting older pieces of furniture, and transforming them into what they were in a former life.  It is thrilling to me to discover what a piece can be after all the hard work that goes into it, and I continue to enjoy the treasures I find along the way.  In addition to furniture, I also love to create other crafty, fun stuff.  Thanks for taking this journey with me, and I hope we can see the mistakes, fun times, and beauty together.


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  1. I enjoyed your post about the stool. I can’t believe it is the same stool that came out of the garage. I am glad you kept the leather top, too.

  2. Hi Sweetheart! I really enjoy your timeless adventures. You are living the life you love and it shows! Give Daniel a hug! Love from KY!!!

  3. Hi Sarah,

    I recently saw your blog for the first time at a linky party at Shabby Creek Cottage and saw your project to build the screened-in patio. Wonderful! Gave me an acute case of screened-in envy. I am blogging about wanting to do a screened-in something of my own (alas, not a cool project like yours) and I looked for an email addy to contact you and ask your permission to use a photo of your finished screened-in patio on my own blog (see info link and email below), but I did not see an email address. So I am writing here in the hopes that you see this and please give me permission to use one photo from your June 17, 2012 blog entry — it’s the last one at the end of your blog post on June 17 showing the completed screened structure. I have “borrowed it” and put a link back to your post, but I would like formal permission to use it since it is not a “commercial” photo. I hope to see you post more in the future!

    Jan N.

    • Hello! I don’t mind you using it at all, especially since you put a link back in your post. I hope you can enjoy your “something” soon, and that it turns out great. We are enjoying ours quite a lot, except that this week is about a billion degrees:) Thank you for asking about the photo. I do appreciate it.

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