Lighted Wall Sconces

Lighted Wall Sconces

I have just realized how long it’s been since I’ve posted anything.  I’ve always thought my crafting is reliant upon my mood, and 2017 was really hard for me to be motivated to do much at all, crafting included. I’d been in a funk because my lovely cat passed away, and it has taken forever for me to get used to him not being with me anymore.  Now, for the “it’s just a cat” people out there, 18 years is a long time to have a warm being greet you at the door, and demand to spend time with you. Eighteen years is a long time to take care of, provide for, and love a furry friend each day. A lot can happen in 18 years; the good, the bad, and just normal day to day life. For us animal people, we know what is coming, and yet we still sign up for the next baby, which we did when we adopted a kitten on New Year’s Eve.

That being said, 2018 is shaping up to hopefully be better. I’m a little late with this post obviously since these were Christmas gifts, but my sister and I always try to do something crafty to give out.  This time, my aunt was the one that dropped a hint about hanging lighted wall sconces that are all over Pinterest, which seemed like it wouldn’t take much to do. I just had to find some wood, and jars.

Instead, I was walking through Hobby Lobby, and came across these already made.  I texted my sister because they were pretty much half done.  What could be easier?

I grabbed the rest of the supplies, which included some floral foam and battery operated LED lights. I actually got the lights from Joann’s, because most of the lights I found had large battery packs that I wasn’t sure I could hide easily. I also wasn’t really liking any of the flower options, until I came across single stem large flowers.  There were several options that I really liked, so I picked out colors that complemented the design on the wood.

My sister, and even my brother, helped put everything together.  We all started by hacking the ends off the floral foam and trimming the excess away to fit snuggly inside the lip of the jar. These were only about an 1/2″ thick, so it didn’t go below the metal band holding the jar.

I then hot glued the battery case to the back of the wood. I figured that would make it pretty easy to remove if the lights ever stopped working. My brother then threaded the light strand through the hole that was in the wood, and down into the jar.

My sister then placed the floral foam in the jar opening, making sure they would not slide down into the jars themselves.

I had been cutting the stems off the flower heads, and I hot glued each large flower to the floral foam. 

And there we have it. You can still see part of the light cord where the flower didn’t cover the hole, so I do wish we could have drilled a hole farther down so the flower would hide it.  Other than that, I really like how it turned out, and I also like that they were able to sit…

Or hang on the wall. Easy peasy, and they are so cute.

Thanks for looking!


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  1. Well, as I loved your precious fur baby, too, I had teary eyes this morning reading about your loss/Hugs/I loved reading about your group effort to make our beautiful Christmas candles/I have mine hanging on the wall/January was a horribly cold month and I so enjoyed turning the candle on/it was comforting to see/Love the idea and Loved receiving such a beautiful gift! Thank you for the love!

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