Bathroom Remodel: Part 7, Mirror and Sconces, and a Final Reveal!

Bathroom Remodel: Part 7, Mirror and Sconces, and a Final Reveal!

Well, if it seems like this project has gone on forever to you, that’s because it really does feel like that to me too. While the bathroom was functional back in May, we have finally gotten all of the projects done for this bathroom, just today.

After we got the sink in working order, the mirror was next. We had decided to have a local business come in to measure, and then install the mirror, since we weren’t comfortable with doing that part ourselves. Our last mirror used clips to hold it to the wall, but since we wanted this to go from backsplash to the top of the ceiling the clips weren’t an option. That left it being glued to the wall, something I wasn’t too sure I wanted to happen. While they were here measuring, the installer did say we had to primer the spot since the glue isn’t good about sticking to shiny paint. We lived without a mirror in this bathroom for about three weeks because the installers were back logged, so we took some of that time to tape and primer the area where the mirror would go.Taped off for primerPrimer coat drying

And here it is finally installed. We wanted to mimic the height of the shower panels for the sink area, which is right across from the shower, so we did have it go to the ceiling.Mirror installed

The next step also took some time to get started, because the tile we’d picked out was on back order. We went with Esmer’s Confetti Metal in 1″ hexagons, which we ordered through our local flooring place.

Fast forward another three weeks to when it finally came in, and I got to work.  Basically, my plan was to glue these tile to the mirror that would run up each side.  The sheets were 14 x 14 tiles.  I had 12″ on each side of the sink that I wanted to cover, and thought that without the spacing for grout, I would probably have close to 12″ of tile.  I used silicone for the glue, and just dabbed a bit on the back, and stuck it to the mirror. Tiles and Silicone

Here were the first four that I did. First row of tile glued

I then continued gluing until I had used the four bottom rows of the sheet, and let that dry for about a day, just so I would have a firm base to continue to the top. Four bottom rows of tile

Now…let me just tell you, this was painstakingly tedious.  I did listen to music, but I wish I had listened to a book or something while I was gluing, because I finally realized what a huge pain in the you-know-what this was going to be…right about here, only a 1/3 of the way up on one side. Tile 1/3 of the way up

A couple of issues with doing it this way rather than actual grouting.  1) My fingers hurt from prying the tiles from the sheet, like as in I actually cut my finger on one of them. I enlisted Double D’s help, who took them off and put them in a bucket for me to work from, so there’s no sense of order at all once I got them up. 2) Not all tiles are created equal in size apparently.  This resulted in gaps where they didn’t line up correctly. 3) It took FOREVER.  I think I spent an hour each night on the gluing, and it took about a week to do. I’m not sure I would recommend this way unless the tiles were larger.Tile glued on left side

However, once both sides were done, I loved the result. I like how the copper color is reflected in the fixtures, and the grey color is in the granite sink. Our mirror guy did say the mirror should stay up, and we haven’t had any problem so far. Esmer Confetti Metal Hexagon tile completed

Fast forward a month, in which Double D and I went on vacation, and our electrician friend, Jimmy, also threw in a vacation. Finally we all got together to finish this up, and were able to do the sconces in front of the tile.  We started with drilling holes in the ceiling.Holes drilled in ceiling

And Jimmy got up in our ceiling to run the electrical wires.  We are sorry about that, since it is now so hot here!Boxes for ceiling lights

From there, we used the same IKEA Hemma light cords as the conduit fixture we made, and Jimmy attached them to the exposed wires.Left side light connected

We decided to not go with any shades, but rather picked out the Nittio LED coil bulb from IKEA, with a copper top.  This can be changed at any point, and we can also add a glass shade later if we want, but I rather like the exposed bulb as it is.  These are a totally different color than the other LEDs and put out very little light, so we were thinking about using them as night lights if needed for company. And plus, they are just fun!Ikea Nittio coil light

And here is the finished mirror in all of its prettiness.  I love how it turned out with both the tile and the sconces, but especially how the tile picks up elements of the actual sink and fixture too.  The sink area definitely makes a statement for the rest of the room.completed lights against tile

Also, here is one last picture of the sconces at night.  Like I said earlier, they don’t put out much light at all, but do give the room a warm, cozy feel.Lights at night

So, with this last step, we now have a finished bathroom!

For storage, we stacked two metal IKEA Josef cabinets in the corner for storage, since we no longer have drawers in the vanity. These are actually standing where the sink bowl was originally.  So glad we moved the faucet and sink down the wall.

Ikea Josef

We also attached one black plastic IKEA Trones box to the wall for storing toilet paper.  I love how that works, especially when there’s a lip on the top for small items!

IKEA Trones

For decorations, we were able to use some really cool gears that Double D had picked up somewhere by putting candles in them.

Gears as candle holders

I did some searching on Google Patents, and was able to come up with four patents for hair trimming, which I then printed out on scrapbook paper. Google Patents Shaving

We also got a new blind, a new toilet paper holder painted to match the wall color, new towel hooks that fold up when you aren’t using them, and new rugs that pretty much match the wall color.

All of that and I can now post a before and after picture of this bathroom!  I love how it turned out, and I love that we were able to reposition the sink and the toilet.  It seems that those made all the difference!Before and After Main Bath

Thanks for looking!


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  1. Well, Smiley, I can’t wait to see the finished bathroom/lots of hard work, but it does look so very pretty/beautiful tiles and fun lights/I think the night lights are for me lol/Do so hope Jimmy didn’t get too hot in the attic/Pop refuses to go up in our attic in the summer/Great job, everyone!!!/You should be very proud of yourselves/Can’t wait for next project

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