Bathroom Remodel: Part 4, Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

Bathroom Remodel: Part 4, Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

When we first moved in to the house, there was a lovely blue and white linoleum in the bathroom.  We lived with that forever, until in 2013, when we ripped it up, and laid down some peel and stick 12×12″ tiles, in a dark brown stained concrete look.  I actually liked the look of those, but I also knew the brown color wouldn’t fit in this bathroom.  I liked it so much that I tried to get the same look this time around, only in grey. This is what it had looked like, taken on the day we were installing it in 2013.Dark stained concrete look

We started doing demo on the flooring first, and realized that the sticky residue would make it really hard to work in the bathroom.  So we ripped up the underlayment too.  That left us with what we think is the original cream 1970s flooring, which we tried like crazy to get up…before we gave up. That stuff literally was not budging.

We also knew that we wanted to change the position of the toilet.  It was just really awkward the way it was facing, so we cut a hole in the floor to expose the pipes.  We had to have Joe, our plumber, look at it to see if they could be moved to accommodate a different positioning. This took a couple of different saws to accomplish, and Double D had to go through two different layers of plywood to get to where we could see the pipes.  We also didn’t know what we would be cutting into.  Finally, we got it cut out.Cut out hole for toilet pipes

So…Joe came back, looked at the pipes, and said that it would be no problem to move the pipes.  Yay!  He moved them, and left a tall pipe piece sticking out for Double D to cut around when he was measuring for the replacement wood.  Double D installed two new pieces of plywood, and they actually were level with the rest of the flooring. That was one thing we were concerned about. The below picture also shows the drywall ripped out, and the shut off line moved farther down the wall. Toilet pipe finished

Next it was time to start laying the flooring.  We decided to go with a Luxury Vinyl Tile, with an attached pad. Since we had tried to rip up the original floor, and failed, there was a slight height difference and an underlayment pad would be helpful covering that up. We used LVT for the kitchen renovation, and I still really like it one year later.  Adura Max by Mannington had the one we wanted, in a grey weathered concrete look called Carbon, in the Meridian collection. This product is also water resistant, which is really good for bathrooms;)Starting to lay the floor

This flooring has the Lock Solid feature, and literally the planks just snapped together.  I think the actual laying of all of the planks took about an hour. The best part is that you wouldn’t even know that the original floor had been messed with, because you don’t feel it when you walk on the LVT. flooring laid

Next came the trim.  There was no way we could use the trim that originally came with the bathroom, and I didn’t want to have to stain new trim to match the door and window trim. This part was the hardest for us to decide on, until we were talking with our drywall guy, Dave.  I had no idea that they made PVC trim, but it does make sense for decking, etc. After talking with him, we looked at Menards, and found some 1″x3″x8′ pieces that we liked.  They were plain on one side, and wood textured on the other.  I decided to use the plain side, and painted it the same color as the walls.  I really like the effect this creates, since there isn’t a sharp dividing line between the floors and the walls. We could have just used 1x3s in wood too, but this was super easy to paint, and it is water resistant. PVC Trim painted

We used Liquid Nails, and glued each piece to the wall. I figured if we had to take it off at some point, there would just be more trim going up to cover the marks. I also used some caulk to fill in the triangle left in the corner of the trim, once we trimmed out the rounded corner pieces.  I then painted that and it blends perfectly. The only thing I’m not completely sold on is that it does stick out a bit farther than the trim on the door.  We decided to leave that trim the original, since the door casing and door didn’t get painted as well. Finished corner piece caulkedtrim painted and glued

The last piece was the threshold.  This was available with the Adura Max products, and it matches the flooring. It basically just joins the LVT with the carpet that is in the hallway.  Looks good!Piece of flooring for threshold

And here is the finished floor, with the new vent installed.  I love how it looks with the wall color, and the new rug we just got. Don’t mind the gears.  We were using those as weights so that the floor wouldn’t shift while we were laying it. It really feels like this bathroom is finally coming along!Floor completely done

The last thing we did was install the toilet.  I’m including a before and after picture, just because of the difference the repositioning has made.  It just makes that area seem more open and we have a lot more room. I will have to find something fun to hide the water line, because I know the toilet brush holder isn’t it:) Toilet facing out

Thanks for looking!  More bathroom remodel to come, so stay tuned!


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  1. Sarah, as I read your blogs, I never knew how much work went into your bathroom re-model. I do love and appreciate the finished bathroom. I love the hand-bar dd installed for the handicapped people in your lives. Thank you very much. Your bathroom is beautiful!! Enjoy!

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