Bathroom Remodel: Part 3, Drywall and Paint

Bathroom Remodel: Part 3, Drywall and Paint

I learned so much on this project as a whole, but a lot of them had to do with the drywall step.  Basically, I found out the difference between the terms drywall, and Sheetrock.  Had no idea, but Sheetrock is the brand name, and drywall is the process. I also was shown what a hot patch is, and how to do it. I found out that rounded corners exist, and turn out looking spectacular. And finally, I learned that you should really take the time to prime new drywall.

Whew!  That being said, we didn’t actually do anything with this step, except for the primering and painting.  We had someone come out and do the drywall, because, well honestly, we suck at it. Hanging it is no problem, but we get into trouble with the mudding part.

With everything that had to be done plumbing and electrical wise in the bathroom, the room was down to studs on all the walls but two.  Before anything was done, I had removed the wallpaper border on the walls that we thought would be staying.  The rest was no big deal to leave since we knew it would be ripped out.Removing wallpaper

Joe finished up with the plumbing, and we had our electrician friend Jimmy come over to run the wires for the new outlets. Then we had Dave come and start on the drywall installation.  Joe had left the pipes for the sink and toilet water line exposed so Dave installed the drywall around those. Because it is in the bathroom, we decided to go with the drywall that is mold and water resistant.  Hopefully we’ll never have issues, but we wanted to be safe. Drywall put up on sink wall

Dave also showed me how to do a hot patch that was on the part of the wall that we kept.  Unfortunately, there was a hole there where the toilet paper holder was when we moved in, but that took care of it. I could explain it, but you might have to look it up if you’re really interested, since I wouldn’t do it very well. Hot patch

Double D had the idea for rounded corners on the two that are next to the shower, and I’m so glad he did.  I had never seen these done before. The plastic looks just like a regular corner piece, but it’s rounded, which softens everything a bit. Rounded corner for drywall

Once the drywall was up, Dave started taping and mudding.  It went much faster than I thought it would, probably because we would have still been working on it.  Looking good so far!Drywall mudded on sink wallTaped and mudded

Once the mudding and taping was done, Double D and I were left to paint a primer coat on the new drywall.  Because drywall soaks up the paint, the primer helps stop that, and save you a bit of money on more paint. I personally had never done this step, but Dave recommended it.  I have to say it was a much easier process to paint the room after the primer. Primer coat on drywall

And finally we were at the actual painting part.  It was finally beginning to look to like a real room, not a construction zone, and I was so excited to get here. We went with Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue.  In the below picture, we still only had one light bulb, and it was a really pretty blue.  With the new light, it actually looks like a green color most of the time, except in the early morning hours when the sun is not full force from the south yet. Either way, I actually love how it looks on the wall, and am super happy. Painted Drywall Palladian Blue

Because I like to see things as before and after, I’m including this picture of one wall for the whole process from new drywall to painted. I guess I didn’t get a picture of what it was down to studs, or I would have added that to the beginning of this one.Drywall up and painted

Also, I had to add a picture of how the rounded corner came out.  I love the way they both look, just because they seem to add a touch of elegance to the room. Very cool! We owe a big thanks to Dave, who made this part of the remodel seem like a breeze! Finished Rounded corner

Thanks for looking! More posts are in the works, so stop by again sometime.


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  1. Whew! Lots of work done there! I actually can’t stand doing drywall… all the sanding and mess. Ugh! But your bathroom is looking good! Love the color! Thank you for sharing at Dishing It & Digging It!

  2. Hats off to Dave, Joe, DD, and Sarah!!!! Your finished bathroom is gorgeous!! A person would never know how much work went into the remodel. Sarah your vision from conception to finished product always amazes me. You have an amazing artistic gift and certainly know how to use your gift. What a great team you and DD are!! Very proud of both of you!!

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