Bathroom Remodel: Part 2, Shower Installation

Bathroom Remodel: Part 2, Shower Installation

So the last post I showed a bit of demo.  This post is all about the shower installation, and decisions, decisions, decisions.  I have to admit that we didn’t do a thing on this, other than the tear out.  We have a friend that recommended a friend of theirs to do the shower installation, and I am so glad we had Joe do it, since we know nothing about plumbing.

This is what we started with, just a basic fiberglass tub and shower combo.Main Bath shower

Double D started by removing the two end panels, and the sheetrock that was behind them.Tub surround coming down

Then he started on the middle shower panel. He got that removed, along with the sheetrock, only to find a false wall behind that. We had been a bit worried that the new shower base would stick out past the wall, so when we found the false wall, we were pretty darned happy.  We think it was put in to make the hole in the tub line up with the existing drain pipe.  Obviously, the sheetrock behind the false wall had been tiled at some point.  We ripped the 1x4s out, and the old tiled sheetrock to leave the remaining 2x4s. We figure the false wall removal gave us another inch or so to work with, which turned out to be exactly what we needed.False wall behind tub surround

This was the completed demo for the shower area. We now had a blank slate to work with.Ready for new shower base

You can’t see it in the below picture, but Joe cut out a piece of the floor on the right side of the tub so he could run the plumbing for the new rain head under the floor to the right side of the shower. This was the new shower base after it was set in the space.Shower pan ready to be installed

And then Joe ran new plumbing for all of the new water features, using PEX lines.  This would have taken us 20 years to figure out, but he had it done in no time.PEX lines for both shower and rain head

From there, Double D and Joe installed the new sheetrock, cutting out for the new valves, and shower heads.  Double D then applied a thin layer of mud to all of the joints.Installing the drywall

Now it was time that Joe started installing the solid surface shower walls.  At the beginning of this process, I had a hard time trying to figure out what we wanted, and how I wanted it to look.  The biggest factor was ease of cleaning.  While the original fiberglass was easy enough to keep clean, it had a tiled look to it, and getting into those crevices to clean was time-consuming. With a solid surface, we knew that wouldn’t be the case.

The next problem was how some of the solid surface products look.  After walking through the big box stores, the ones on display looked very thin, and I wasn’t too impressed. Double D is the one that suggested Onyx, especially since the sink in the bathroom originally was Onyx, and we hadn’t had any problems with it in the 12 years we’ve lived here. Then, the next problem was that I didn’t really care for any of the colors in the Onyx Collection.  I wanted something timeless, and simple. Since this was going to be permanent, I wanted a color that would work with whatever paint change that I might do in 10 years. We finally decided to go with Snowswirl, which is white, with streaks of white that give it a slightly marbled look to it. We also decided to get panels all the way to the ceiling to give it a more finished look. Applying adhesive on new shower panelThe fixtures were another decision, and we ultimately ended up going with Delta for all of them, including the sink faucet, in Venetian Bronze.  Most of the fixtures were from Delta’s Vero Series. I like the dark color, with just a hint of copper color peeking through, and Delta seems to be a good brand to work with in case of issues.  So far, we really are happy with them. New shower panels upAfter the wall panels were up, Joe installed all of the fixtures, and the glass doors, which I didn’t get a picture of, unfortunately. Additionally, Joe cut part of the panel to insert the caddy into the wall. I like that it is an insert, so that it doesn’t take away any space from the shower. Steps for caddie installation

The next steps were installing the corner trim, and the foot rest.  Joe put tape on everything to hold it up while the adhesive was drying. This picture shows the doors, and we decided to go with a frameless door which means it doesn’t have a frame that runs across the top. Since Double D is 6’4″, he doesn’t have to duck anymore getting in and out of the shower.  Corner pieces and rain head

I’ve had to get used to the doors.  We went for about a week with spots on the doors before I sat down and researched how to clean them. So far, between using a vinegar spray and a squeegee after each use, they have been doing pretty good.  I’ve also bought Rain-X, but I haven’t used that yet.

And here is the finished shower. As worried as I was about the color, I actually love the simplicity of it, and I think the contrasting colors of the light panels, and the dark fixtures make both really stand out. We were also worried about if we’d have any more room in the shower, compared to the original tub/shower combo. Let me tell you, it feels like there is a lot more room. It’s amazing actually, the difference. I’m so happy we decided to replace the shower!finished shower

I do have to give a huge thanks to Joe for helping us out, from the decision-making process, all the way to the end.  Everything seems level, no leaks, the door keeps the water on the correct side of the shower, and it was a relatively speedy process!

Thanks for looking! More posts are in the works for the bathroom remodel!


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  1. I like the insert that holds your shampoo, etc. The shower is fabulous! Great re-do! I loved taking a shower in it! The door is awesome! Great job, S&DD!

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