Bathroom Remodel: Part 1, Demo

Bathroom Remodel: Part 1, Demo

So we have had the opportunity to update our main bathroom. This room has had several makeovers since we bought the house in 2005, but this one is by far the biggest, and the best.

We started with a basic bathroom when we first moved in, and over the years, we have changed the paint color, added wainscoting, painted the sink vanity, changed out the window valance, replaced the toilet, and updated the flooring.2005-2013 main bath

It wasn’t a bad bathroom at all once we made most of the changes, but we had a few things that bothered us.  Basically, the toilet was at the wrong angle and the sink bowl was literally 5 inches past the doorway so you always felt like you were standing in the hallway when you washed your hands. 2005-2013 sink

The tub/shower combo was perfectly fine, except that since we were doing a remodel, we decided to remove that, and go with a walk-in shower with some extra water features. We donated both the panels and the tub portion to our local Habitat for Humanity store, as well as the sink and vanity. Main Bath shower

So, we started by ripping off the wainscoting.  I’d forgotten that I hadn’t painted past where the wainscoting covered, so we still had the original gray color too.Demo start removing wainscoting

And we got rid of the mirror that was there.Demo Remove mirror

Yikes.  Here comes the fun part next.  Double D ripped out the shower and tub. We found a false wall built behind that, so we tore that out and actually ended up having more room for the new shower pan.  Win, win. We do wonder if the false wall needed to be built to accommodate the hole in the tub to line up with the drain. Demo removal of shower and sheetrock

Since we wanted to move the sink and faucet down the wall, we had to remove the sink, and rip off the drywall.  We went a bit farther down, since we also wanted to add outlets for the sink area. That bathroom only had one outlet. Literally.Demo removal of sink and sheetrock

And for the final demo, we ripped up the flooring we had put in five years ago. We also removed the toilet, and we cut a rectangle around the toilet pipe, in the plywood flooring to see if we could actually rotate the toilet at all. Our plumber said we could, so we also took out the drywall so we could move the shut off line farther down the wall. Demo removal of toilet and sheetrock

Whew, the demo was finally done, so we could get started on the actual plumbing.  Stay tuned for further posts to see how the bathroom turns out!

Thanks for looking!


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  1. I do declare! I was in this bathroom recently and I have to admit that until I read this post I hadn’t noticed the wainscoting was missing. Yikes! lol I had eyes only for the shower, evidently!

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