Turning Metal Storage Baskets into Display Shelves

Turning Metal Storage Baskets into Display Shelves

We are getting ready to redo the main bathroom, which has a definite beachy feel going on in it. Because the design will be more modern, we had to relocate all of my shells to somewhere else in the house. The half bath that is in our bedroom had a wall that was mostly blank, so that’s where we decided to put them.  The problem?  Well, the shells were all in one display cabinet in the main bath, and it sat on the floor.  I didn’t have any room for the cabinet, so I had to come up with other display options.

This is the wall that we started with. Pretty much a blank space. The predominate color in the 1/2 bath is brown, with a bit of purple and green in the curtains. I wanted something that would stand out from the white wall, and kind of make a pop. I researched a ton of shelving options, and I wasn’t finding anything that really stood out to me.Blank wall

I went to Michaels to get something else, but they happened to have their baskets half off that weekend. That is what you call luck. On top of the discount, I also had a 20% off coupon my total purchase.  I stood in the middle of the basket aisle, and had a crazy thought that maybe I could use baskets as shelves.  I saw that people were using wood crates, so I thought they wouldn’t be much different.  There were a lot of pretty options, but I had to have something that could withstand some weight, and that didn’t have sides that slanted. The other problem is that the wall they were going on is rather tiny, but I had to have enough space to hold all my shells. I ended up buying six wire mesh baskets in gold, two each of three different sizes, for $42.00.  I figured if they didn’t work, I could just return them. Wire metal baskets in three sizes

I started by tracing the bottoms of the baskets onto tissue paper, which I cut.  Then I played around with the layout that best suited the wall space that was available.  I would have like to not have them grouped so close together, but we had to work with what I had.tissue paper layout possibilities

Once I decided on the layout, Double D started hanging the baskets.  This was another problem, since we had to find wall studs.  There would be a lot of weight on these baskets. finding wall studs for metal baskets

We finally got all six up, using washers to go between the screw head and the basket. Metal baskets finally hung

Also, the two middle ones only had one screw in a wall stud, so we attached all the baskets with a nut and bolt through the sides of the baskets.  It might have been overkill, but I didn’t want them to come crashing to the ground.Baskets held together with nuts and bolts

And here they are with all of our shells.  Some of them are my grandmothers, collected from her trips to Florida and California. Most of them are mine, from Florida, South Carolina, Aruba, and the Philippines. I even have the one from my fish tank, after my snail didn’t make it. I’m not so happy about the black screw head showing, but I do have gold paint that I’m considering using to cover them up. Other than that, I love how they look up on the wall, and the baskets seem to be holding fine!finished baskets with shells

Thanks for looking!


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  1. Great idea, Smiley! My question is, how did you live so many years without something like this on your wall? lol That’s the way to do two re-models in one project. I love it! Kudos to you and DD/love your team-work!

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