DIY Pumpkin Topiary

DIY Pumpkin Topiary

So years ago, I’d gotten three Styrofoam pumpkins from Hobby Lobby.  I liked the colors, as they aren’t the typical orange pumpkin.  I’ve used them each year, just basically grouping them together on the porch.  They were starting to look a bit worn, since they are Styrofoam, so I thought I would try to camouflage the gouges and scrapes a bit.

This is what I started with.  I’d already removed two of the stems, which turned out to be really easy, since they were separate from the pumpkin body, and just glued on.Styrofoam pumpkins from Hobby Lobby

I grabbed a wooden basket that was on sale at Joann’s, and bought some window and door spray foam, which I sprayed into the basket.  I did create a liner with a plastic sack, so the foam wouldn’t expand out the sides of the basket. I let that expand overnight, and the next day it was about an inch below the top of the basket.Spray foam for volume

I’d also purchased some red Spanish moss on sale for $.97 a bag.  I used one whole bag to cover the spray foam in the basket.Red Spanish Moss for filler

Next, I started with the bottom pumpkin, and hot glued some more moss to the top of the pumpkin. Spanish Moss glued to top of pumpkin

Once that had dried, I used a wooden kabob skewer and pushed it through the top of the bottom pumpkin, and connected the middle pumpkin, using the skewer to hold the two. I also added moss to the top of the middle pumpkin.Wood Kabob skewer to attach

From there, I was able to work on the top pumpkin.  I had also bought a bag of fabric leaves, and I started hot gluing those to the top pumpkin, around the top. I connected that one to the middle pumpkin, using the same process with the wood skewer. Hot gluing leaves to pumpkins

That brings us to actually placing the pumpkins in the basket. Originally, I had only placed one skewer in the bottom pumpkin, to push into the spray foam. After I tried it the first time, I thought it was a bit unsteady, so I used a second one, and that seemed to help a bit. Adding skewers to base pumpkininsert skewer into spray foam

Now I was ready to spruce the topiary up a bit.  At first, I had just hot glued a few leaves on the pumpkins, but it seemed to be a bit blah.  I decided to go crazy, and so I added the rest of the leaves, some wire garland with plastic beads, and then some really cute orange and red bead picks, just placed randomly to cover as many of the nicks and indentions as I could.Adding leaves, garland, and plastic beads

Finally, I created a large bow to go on the top, but I did make sure that I can take it on and off.  I couldn’t decide whether I liked it with, or without, the bow better. Add bow to top of topiary

And here is the topiary in all its blinged out glory.  I’m not normally drawn to fancy things, but this is such a contrast from the three plain pumpkins I originally started with, that I’m liking it for now. Pretty easy, and fun to do this fall.pumpkin topiary with bling

Thanks for looking!


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