PVC Towel Rack for the Pool

PVC Towel Rack for the Pool

Double D and I had just been throwing our pool towels on the table while we were swimming in our above-ground pool.  However, the table was much lower than the side of the pool, so it made it hard to dry our hands if we got a phone call, or if we needed to wipe our eyes.

One day, a solution popped into my brain. We had an extra umbrella stand that I had salvaged from a junk pile a few years ago.  I had painted it red, but hadn’t found a use for it yet. I hoped we could use that in some way to build a towel rack.  After looking around on the internet, it seemed that the PVC option was the best way to go, since it would be out in the sun and rain.

To start, we bought our supplies.  This included enough 1 1/4″ PVC pipe for both the body of the rack, and the six arms.  We also bought three cross pieces, seven caps, and some PVC cement. Double D started cutting the pieces for the body.  We needed three pieces at about 20″ each.PVC 20" piece

From there, we swabbed the inside of the cross piece to fit the onto the pipe.Adding cross piece

The next section of pipe was added, and we glued the next cross piece so that it went the opposite way from the first one.  Then we added the next section of pipe, and the final cross piece the same direction as the first one. This way, the towels have room to hang, and it balances the rack a bit. PVC towel rack

The next step was cutting six sections of the pipe at 12″ each.  These would form the arms of the rack. Sorry! Blurry action shot!Hack Saw PVC pipe

I didn’t get any pictures of the final step, but that was putting the caps on the ends to keep water out of the arms. Also, since we were left with a hole at the top part of the final cross piece, we cut a four inch piece to put in that one, and ended with a cap on top.

And this is the final result, in the stand. It has enough arms for a lot of towels, and at times we’ve needed the room, depending on how many people have been in the pool. I haven’t painted it, although that can be done later, if I want.PVC pool towel rack

The total height of the towel rack is about 76″.  It easily stands above the top of our pool, and keeps the towels within reach while not getting out of the pool.PVC pool towel rack from the pool

It was incredibly simple to do, and I have enjoyed having it by the pool this summer.

Thanks for looking!


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  1. Way to solve a problem, S & DD/I can’t believe I didn’t see it when I looked out the window/You have the best ideas!

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