Spice Tins Moved to the Wall

Spice Tins Moved to the Wall

After my huge kitchen revamp, I haven’t felt like doing a lot of creative stuff here lately.  However, I have done one more update to the kitchen, even though I said I was done, and that is moving my spice tins to the wall.  I stumbled across the idea on Pinterest, and knew since I had the metal backsplash, it was something I could do easily.  If I hadn’t had a metal backsplash, I think the ideas I have seen of using old cookie sheets, or the side of the fridge would have been really cool.

I started out with a spinner rack that Double D and I received for our wedding 15 years ago.  It had been useful, and something I did like, but I had outgrown it and it was taking up space on my counter. The hardest part was getting my spices rounded up. First spice rack

I went ahead and ordered 36 tins from the Specialty Bottle company.  Once I got them, I washed the tins, and let them dry. These are food safe, whereas the watch part tins that I was originally looking at are not.  Evidently the two options I researched are different types of metal, but I definitely wanted food safe ones. In my researching, I found these were the least expensive option for the amount I needed, but you can find the tins at the big name stores, and some even have the magnets already on them.Spice tins

The next step was gluing the rare earth magnets that I purchased from Harbor Freight onto the tins.  These magnets are super strong, so they come in a protective bottle.  I wasn’t aware of how strong until I tried to pull them apart.  I used GOOP to bond the magnets to the tins, and let the glue dry overnight.Rare earth magnets for spice tinsGlue magnets on

The next evening, I used my square punch to cut out 72 pieces from my black chalkboard contact paper.  The window on the tin was big enough so that I would be able to put two squares on each tin. Black contact paper square punch

I used a silver permanent marker to write the name of the spice, and then filled the tin with the spice. These tins are big enough to accommodate the regular size bottles of spices. I only had one full bottle, and while it did fill it to the brim, everything ended up fitting.Filling the tin

I pushed in the sides of the lid a bit to create a tighter fit, and was finally able to start putting them on the wall. I haven’t had any issues with the lids coming off. Spice tins on wall

I only ended up using the tins for the savory spices, and used 28 of the 36 for the wall.  I did use an additional two for some of my baking spices, and I have 6 left in case I get some new ones. Spice tins alphabetized

And here is the finished result, with the spices within reach of the cooking area. I do have a basket of spices that wouldn’t fit in tins, like the bay leaves, chili powder, and some sea salt grinders. However, I really like that the majority of them are up off the counter, freeing up space for prep work.Spice tins on the wall

Overall I really like how it turned out.  I don’t have any problem getting the spices out, I just use a measuring spoon.  However, the thing I have found it that I typically have dirty hands when I reach for them, so I do have to wipe them off after use. Also, I have heard some people say spices shouldn’t be exposed to light or heat, because it lessens their flavor.  I figure they were in see-through glass jars before this, and even closer to the stove than they are now.  I also use mine up fairly fast, so I guess I’m not too worried about it.

Thanks for looking!


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  1. This is a great idea. I am pinning this. I love that you shared this with Dishing it and Digging it link party. We love having you. Have a great week.

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