Lap Quilt Made Out of Woven Ties

Lap Quilt Made Out of Woven Ties

Double D’s mom made these ties for him when he was in high school. They dressed up for game days, assemblies, and other events so he wore a tie on those days.  Now, when he does wear a tie, it is always with suits, so these were in storage waiting for me to come up with an idea to use them.

I saw some ideas for tie quilts on Pinterest, but those involved taking them apart, adding interfacing, etc.  I finally saw one idea that was similar to this, but it was just the picture with no instructions. I decided to go with that design, but let me tell you, this quilt was pretty much me winging it, and hoping it would come out okay:) Fortunately, Double D’s were made out of cotton fabric, so washing them wouldn’t be a problem.

To start, I counted up how many he had, and then put them into color groups. There were 20, and the predominate colors were blue and black. I decided to use those two colors for the base, and added a random purple one to make ten lengthwise.  I laid those out, alternating fat end and skinny end.01 Ties laid out

For the remaining ten, I cut each in half.  I started laying the half pieces across the long pieces, again alternating thick and thin ends.02 ties cut for short side

Once I found an arrangement that I thought looked okay, I started weaving the pieces with each other. In this picture there’s a grey tie that I ended up not using.  It wasn’t one that his mom had made, and I couldn’t find fabric information to make sure it was safe to wash it. 03 Woven ties

Finally, this was the end result of the arranging. Since the cut ends had to be finished somehow, I decided to move them farther away from the tie points, so that I could just sew right over them when it was time for binding. I went ahead and pinned everything, just to make sure they didn’t come apart when I moved them.04 All laid out

I did take a picture of the back of the quilt when I finally got it turned over. 05 Back side of tie quilt

From here, I laid a single sheet of fabric over the backs of the ties, and sprayed some fabric adhesive on it. This made the ties stick to the fabric, although I did re-pin everything together when I turned the ties back over.

Now it was time to sew each tie to the fabric. I did so by running a straight stitch down the middle of each tie, starting with the thin ends first, so alternating every other one.  Then I did the same with the thicker ends, finishing with the ten long ties. I like that you can see the backing through the holes in between the ties too.06 ties sewn

Next was pinning the long sides for binding. I mentioned earlier that I needed to have the cut pieces under the binding, but that I still wanted the tie points to be visible. I was really glad I moved the cut pieces down to go under the binding.  Winging it, people!:) I’ve included a close up of the finished binding. I just used the extra on the backing to fold it and pin it. 07 completing the sidesDetail of tie points The short sides were next.  These were a bit of a challenge too, because they were all different lengths. I finally decided to just sew the longer ones on top of the binding.  I still wanted it to look like ties.09 Short side pinned

And here is the finished lap quilt.  I didn’t measure it, so I’m not sure how big it turned out.  Definitely more long than short though.  Also, I’m really glad I decided to only use one piece of fabric for the backing, as this is pretty heavy.  It’s going to keep me warm this winter! Now Double D can see part of his childhood, and they won’t be in storage. 10 Completed Tie lap quilt

Thanks for looking!


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  1. Wow, Sarah, Pop’s Mom made their school clothes, but I don’t think she ever made their ties/some pretty ties, there/way to think of a way to use them/pretty and smart, very proud of you!/can’t wait to see it/enjoy

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