Portable Tiki Torch Pots

Portable Tiki Torch Pots

We have a large yard and the tiki torches we already have come in handy in several different places.  Since the two that we have are taller, and are made to go in the ground, moving those to different spots was getting to be not so much fun.  The other thing is that once they were in the ground, they were hard to mow around. So I came up with an idea that would make the torches portable by putting them in large garden pots.

This is what I started with. I already had the tiki torch parts, the two large pots, and two cute cup holders that we had found when we moved into our old house. Parts for project

Double D and I had come up with the idea to get the bricks with three holes in them to put in the bottom to hold the torch post upright and provide some weight, but we spent an entire day looking for those.  Evidently, home stores no longer sell those and we didn’t have any lying around. Our last stop was to a flea market, which didn’t have any bricks, but did have some four pound weights with holes in them.  That would work just fine, and the price was right at just $1.00 apiece. We did put a small amount of glue between two of them. 4 lb weights with hole

The next step was placing the post, and making sure it was standing straight.  I’m pretty sure that was the hardest part of the project. torch post in hole

Once we got it straight, we used the cup holders planted in the ground to provide support, and then Double D started filling in the pot with spray foam. The spray foam is pretty light weight, and very easy to work with. beginning spray foam

I did start out with one can of the spray foam, but the two pots ended up needing four can all together. These pots were very large, but the foam did cover the weights though. 4 cans of spray foam

I let the foam harden and expand a bit more overnight, and then used two bags of Spanish moss from Joann’s to cover the tops of the pots. I also inserted the cup holders, which I just pushed in through the spray foam.  Pretty easy peasy. spanish moss

And here are the finished pots. They are easily able to be picked up and moved around the yard now, whether we use them up by the fire pit area, or down by the picnic table. And they won’t be in danger of being mowed over:)  The right one does look crooked in this picture, but I’m pretty sure the ground is not level.Completed tiki torch pots

This was a pretty easy project, and most of the materials I had already. Now I just need to put them to use in the upcoming summer months!

Thanks for looking!


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  1. I do declare! I thought you bought them/I had no idea you had made them. I am glad I got to sit by them, look them over, and admire them. They looked Great! Nice Job, Sarah and Daniel!!

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