The Low Boy Dresser Saga

The Low Boy Dresser Saga

This story begins back in 2003, when Double D’s uncle gave us some pieces of furniture. One of the pieces included was a low boy dresser that had seen better days.  Double D’s grandfather had replaced the original mirror that was streaked and faded, but other than that, it was pretty rough.  This is what we started with.01 Dresser as is

That red lamp is hiding a dark secret. Basically, something had at one point created a round burn mark that went deep into the wood top. This is what it looked like after some sanding to remove the mark.  Not pretty.Burn mark in wood

So, I finally got tired of hiding the spot with various objects over the years. In 2007, I decided to apply some wood putty over the top.  Let me tell you, it ended up looking worse than if I had just left the mark there. A master wood craftsman, I am not.03 Wood Putty for damaged spot

At the same time, I did put on a gloss polyurethane, and change out the knobs with ones from Hobby Lobby.  He was looking a bit better after this, but that spot was still there, and obviously visible to anyone who picked up whatever object I had on top of the spot.04 Dresser in 2007

That brings us to 2014. I took the dresser in to have a professional fix the mess that I had made, and he did pretty much the same thing as I did with the wood putty, although it did turn out much better than my attempt.  However, I still could see the spot, and I knew it was there.Wood putty treatment

Recently, I saw a pin where someone had revamped a dresser using plaster to create a crocodile skin like finish on the top, and I loved it.  Unfortunately, Double D didn’t want me to do anything to permanently change the top, so I was back to square one.  That is, until I thought about all of those trunks I’ve redone on the inside, and thought that I could probably do something like that.

So, I went to Hobby Lobby, and bought foam board. The board was about an 1 1/2″ too short, so I had to take some from the long side, which I taped to the short side. This made it just right. 06 Foam Board

I got down on the floor, and traced around the top of the dresser from underneath, so I had an outline to cut on.Dresser top traced on foam board

This is what I ended up with, which ended up fitting perfectly.Foam Board cut to fit top

I bought some awesome fabric from Joann’s, which looks like leather. I got black to match the knobs. From there, I stapled the fabric to the foam board, going around each side, and pulling tight to make sure the top would be smooth.Fabric Stapled to board

And here is the finished top.  I am finally, finally, liking this dresser. I think I should have done this 12 years ago, and saved myself some stress.Foam board covered

One more picture of the completed dresser.  He still isn’t totally perfect, since he has missing scrollwork, and the mirror hinges are crooked to make it sit lower on one side. But…it is still prettier than it has been in a long time, and I’m happy with the result.12 Finished dresser

Thanks for looking!


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