Mug Rugs: The 2014 Christmas Gift Project

Mug Rugs: The 2014 Christmas Gift Project

My sister and I always try to do something crafty for Christmas gifts.  We both have co-workers, and of course our family members, that we like to make items for.  When I found the idea for mug rugs, or snack mats, on Pinterest, it just seemed like these would be fairly easy, and would be great to give as gifts.

Between the two of us, we had 21 people to give these to, and two for ourselves. After doing some research, we decided a good size would be 10″ x 7″, and that a lot of traditional quilt blocks could be turned into a mug rug size. Some examples of patterns were a rectangular log cabin, disappearing 9 patch with two additional fabric strips sewn to it, zig-zag, rail fence, wedges, an actual mug pattern, numerous big blocks, and lots of strip fabrics. I got the tops made, and kept texting my sister pictures as I went. Feel free to click on the pictures for a larger view.Mug rug tops 1-12Mug Rug tops 13-23

I didn’t really work off of a pattern to make the actual mug rug.  I just knew I wanted it to be roughly 10″ x 7″ when finished. I started by putting them together just like I would an actual quilt.  My sister came over one afternoon and cut fabric for all the backs at 12″ x 9″, enough to give an inch overhang on each side. She also cut the batting, but kept that the same size as the mug rug tops. Mug rug topMug Rug Batting

Mug Rug sandwiched togetherWhile she was cutting the backs, I started quilting the mug rugs.  I didn’t do anything fancy, mostly just doing a stitch-in-the-ditch method. Stitch in the ditch

Once I had them all quilted, I started closing the sides up. I started with the long tops and bottoms, and folded the back fabric in half to meet at the edge of the mug rug top, and then folded it again to pin to the top.  This created a nice line.Sides  pinned on mug rug

For this one, I used yellow thread, and just sewed a straight line.Long sides sewn on Mug rug

Next, I started working on the short side. I folded the sides in, and ironed them to create triangles.  This was somewhat like wrapping a gift. Iron Triangles on short sides of mug rug

Then I ironed the backing fabric in half to meet the side of the mug rug top, just like on the longer sides.Iron Half of backing

And folded it again to pin it to the mug rug top. This should create a nice corner for your mug rugs.Short side pinned on mug rug

I sewed both of the short sides, and clipped any loose threads to finish the mug rugs.Finished Mug Rug

And here is a picture of all 23 done.  Whew! These are great because you can create so many different ones, and use up some of the scraps we all keep on hand. My sister made some biscotti to give with the ones that she kept to hand out to her people, while I gave packets of hot cocoa with mine.  We also gave a piece of paper that explained what it was, so that people weren’t confused when they opened them.Combined pic of finished mug rugs

When I was making them, I kept saying, “Ooh, I like that one”. I think I had four different ones that I wanted to keep.  Ultimately, I decided to stick with the orange and green one. I’m not sure why, but I kept gravitating to that one, so I had to keep it.  Here’s a picture with some Cherry Basque cake, and of course, coffee.  Yum!Mug Rug with Food

Because I used other’s blog posts for ideas, I’m including links to those blogs, which were all found on Pinterest. Thanks for making my mug rugs successful!

Art Gallery Fabrics: Disappearing 9 patch

Sew Mama Sew: Ziggity

Fairy Face Designs: Wedges

All People Quilt: Mug pattern

Quilting Tutorials: Rail Fence

The Taylor House: Modern Cross

Galloping Pony Studio: Modern Blocks

Freshly Pieced: Zig-Zag

13 Spools: Bargello block

Thanks for looking!


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  1. You young ladies were certainly busy bees. Maybe instead of exchanging cookies, we should have a craft day like we did years ago. We could eat cookies while we craft. 🙂 I can’t believe I didn’t know you made them until the end of the gift exchange. They were certainly beautiful! I love mine! Thank you for all the hard work. love, Mom, happy recipient of the one with the mug on it.

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