Santa Hat Door Decoration

Santa Hat Door Decoration

This is another pretty easy project that caught my eye for Christmas.  Double D had this hat from when he worked at a toy store before going to college.  Since then, it had just sat at the bottom of my decorations, waiting on me to come up with something to do with it.

This is what I started with.  Unfortunately, all I had for this project was the hat, and the twine to hang it with.  The greenery and the white and red craft stems were bought at Michael’s when they were having a great 50% off sale.  Pay no attention to the kitten trying to eat the greenery in this picture. Supplies for Santa Hat door decoration

To reinforce the triangular shape of the hat, I decided to cut a piece of cardboard out in the same basic shape, but a bit smaller.  That way I could put that down inside the hat to give it some stability.  Cardboard triangle

From there, I just stuffed the hat with some paper.  I didn’t do a lot, just enough to let me be able to put the greenery down in the hat. This gave it a lightly rounded shape on the front.Stuffing for santa hat door decoration

Then I started filling the hat with the larger green branches, followed by the red and white craft stems.  I arranged everything until I was happy with the look of it. Next, I flipped it over, and slid safety pins on each side through the white band, and knotted some twine to use as the hanger.  The cardboard really helped with this, so that the hat didn’t round in on itself. Safety pins and twine to hang hat

And here is the final picture of my Santa Hat door decoration.  I would like to look for something that says Ho Ho Ho on it to add, but other than that I love how it turned out.  Next year, it won’t be at the bottom of my decorations:)Santa Hat Door decoration

Thanks for looking!


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