Rustic Bucket for Winter Decoration

Rustic Bucket for Winter Decoration

Well, it feels like it has been forever since I have written a post.  Probably because it has been forever.  I have been doing things, and taking pictures as I go along, but I haven’t had the time to sit down and write anything. I have some items that I’ve done for Christmas, so I’m going to post those now, and get the rest out later.

These rustic buckets have been all over Pinterest, so I’ll keep mine pretty brief.  When I first saw one on Pinterest, I thought I just had to do one for myself, especially since I had all the supplies on hand.  I did buy the snowy branches, but other than that, I had everything.

I started with an old aluminum bucket that we found on our property when we moved in. Believe it or not, we used it to store wood in.  Kind of funny:)  I added some old pieces of chopped wood, and tucked a strand of 50 warm white LED lights down and around the pieces of wood. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any really pretty birch logs on hand.  If I keep it as is, I might try to find some.Logs and lights arranged in bucket

From there, I just started tucking the greenery, and the snowy branches around the logs, and played with them until they looked all right. I added some oversized ornaments, and some stray pinecones to fill in some blank spaces.Rustic aluminum bucket done

Here is a picture of the bucket in front of the rest of my porch decorations and is lit up, but in the daytime.  The lights really aren’t necessary during the day, especially since there is such a pop of color from the ornaments.Rustic Bucket lit up

Finally, here is a picture of the bucket lit up at night.  I like it because the lights are mostly hidden, giving the arrangement a soft glow from within the bucket. Rustic Christmas arrangement

I think I’m going to keep it around even after Christmas, probably through the winter.  I’ll just remove the  ornaments and the other red and green items, and possibly add some more white branches.

Thanks for looking!


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