Printed Burlap Placemats

Printed Burlap Placemats

It seems that burlap is in all my Christmas decorations this year.  It’s on my tree, in my porch decorations, and now on my table. I’m hosting Christmas Eve dinner for my family this year, which is what started the placemat idea.  That, and the fact that my local craft store is consolidating both of their locations into one new store, so they had a huge liquidation sale.  I got 2 1/2 yards of this printed burlap for $7.00.  I thought that was more than enough to make the 10 placemats that I would need.  I actually ended up with a lot left over, so I’ll have to figure out what else I can make with it. To begin with, I got a placemat out that I normally have on my table, for a size reference.  I laid it on top of the burlap, with its corners lined up with the corners of the burlap.Placemat Reference Then I smoothed out the reference placemat, and found the corner of it on the burlap.  I used scissors to cut a small break in the burlap at the corner of the reference. This is the starting point to squaring up the burlap so that you ensure a straight cutting line.Cutting line for string pulling Next, find a string in the break or cut you just made, staying just outside of your reference placemat, to pull out vertically. With a good grip on the string, start pulling.  The burlap will start to bunch up, and the string will work itself out.  The burlap will be left with a void where the string was. Do the same for the horizontal side, again staying just outside of your reference placemat. Cut the burlap placemat out in the area where the void was left.How to square up burlap I cut enough for 10 placemats, and I had a nice pile of squared up burlap when I was done. I have to admit the very informative woman at my local craft store was nice enough to tell me about this trick. Burlap Placemats Really the string pulling was the hardest part of this project, but I believe it saved me time in the long run. Next, I took each placemat and created a fringe on each side.  I pulled five strings on each side, but you can do less or more.  Whatever works! It was just something to give the placemats a bit of visual interest, and you can control the fraying.Fringing a placemat Once they all had a fringe, I sewed a zig-zag stitch around each placemat, on top of the last string that was still in the body of the placemat.  Hopefully this will help when I hand wash them, since I really don’t want them to unravel.  Burlap Placemat Here is the finished product, including a place setting.  I love how the red charger goes with the red in the burlap.  I have no idea if the setting is correct, BTW:) I’ll get to that later…Finished burlap placemats Thanks for looking!


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  1. What cute placemats for the holidays! The red berries add just the right touch of festivity. I am wondering if the stitching you did will keep the placemats from unraveling in the washer. Perhaps you could add something on the reverse side just the other side of each fringe line — stitch witchery or something? – to hold the burlap in place? This is probably an issue that comes up a lot when working with burlap, but I’m not a crafty person so I’ve no idea, actually!

    • Hi Jan. I haven’t tried to wash them yet, but I was thinking I’d probably hand wash them when I did. I did see some people suggested the exact same things as you, so if I have a problem when I wash them, I can definitely add to it, and edit my blog post to reflect that. Thanks for the ideas!

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