Driveway Addition for the Camper

Driveway Addition for the Camper

Wow!  It seems like it has been forever since I posted anything.  I knew June was going to be busy, but I feel like I barely survived it.  Much more of a relaxed pace now.  Double D and I worked on our driveway addition in May, but I’m just now able to find the time to post about it. Life works out that way, I guess:)

We purchased a camper two summers ago, and had it sitting in our yard, just off of our driveway. Let’s just say it wasn’t too classy looking, in addition to not being able to see down the street from any of our windows. We decided to remove the flower bed from the west side of the house, and put the camper along that side, effectively removing it from the front yard.  Here was the original flower bed when we very first moved in. Flower bed to the west of the house

Since the ground sloped away from the house, the next step was to dig a trench big enough for railroad ties to be laid.  They were put at the very back edge of the house. This picture has two of them down. West side of the house

From there, we just continued them in the path that we had marked.  We went 12 feet away from the side of the house.  Plenty of room to back the camper in, and to open the door.  Double D put two of them on the ground, and then one in the middle, on top. He then drilled a hole, and drove rebar through all the layers, so the pressure from the rock wouldn’t move the ties.  Even though they weighed about 300 pounds apiece, we wanted to make sure that wouldn’t happen.Stacked rail road ties along path

Because of the slope, the ties were stacked two high towards the back, and then one high were the ground was pretty level. We angled the ties towards the driveway, once we thought we could back the camper in safely.rail road ties for camper drive

The next step was to move the camper from where it had been sitting, and kill all the grass.  Double D used some sort of Round Up ground clearance solution on it, which worked very well. Grass killed for the driveway

Unfortunately, I was at work when the dump truck came with the gravel.  It would have been cool to see, but I might have also been worried about the side of my house, so maybe being at work was best. We purchased a mixture of recycled concrete, which was a less expensive alternative to gravel.

Dump truck laying gravelI can say that being two months into this project that it has turned out quite nice. The smaller bits sink to the bottom and harden up, giving it a nice compact surface of the larger rocks. Double D and I spent an evening smoothing out the layer that the driver poured, and getting it as level as we could. We then watered it, just to help it settle. Helping the gravel settle by watering it

About a week later, we took one of our vehicles out and drove over it repeatedly, wheel tracks varying, which really helped to harden it up. Used our vehicle to compact the gravel

And here’s the camper backed into place.  So much different now that I can see the street out of my front windows, and we even have an extra parking spot for anyone who comes over. When my family is over, it sometimes looks like a used car lot, so this will come in handy. Additional driveway completed

It was a lot of hard work and heavy lifting, and I have to admit, I didn’t do a whole lot with it, but I do love the turnout.  Now the wheel marks aren’t visible anymore, and it really is compacted down. Thanks, Double D!

Thanks for looking!






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  1. Lot of hard work, but it sure looks nice. I can’t believe we were just there and I didn’t even notice all the room for parking now. How soon we get used to changes. Looks Great!!

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