Libation Station Using Old Door

Libation Station Using Old Door

It all started when I got a small cabinet to hide all of my coffee stuff.  It is actually a base cabinet that used to house a Westinghouse roaster. Someone had attached a nice piece of wood on top of the one I purchased, so I decided to put the coffee makers I used the most on top of it. I did put down clear contact paper to protect the wood top, especially since I knew it would have water on top of it.  Here is what I started with.Roaster base turned coffee station

From there, I let it snow ball into ideas for a Libation Station, something I could put all of my teas, hot chocolate, and coffee stuff into. I have a perfect corner for it right next to the kitchen. My mom and dad were nice enough to let me have a door out of their house, since they are going to be remodeling. This picture is really blurry, and doesn’t do justice to the door, but it was beginning to take shape. I probably could have done all of this without the door, but I love old doors with their hardware, and this way, no holes are drilled into the walls. Vintage Door for libation station

Also, the door hides the cord for the lamp that I bought for it. I got the hanging light cord at a craft store, but I assume your local home improvement stores would have one. I did go to Lowes to pick out this beautiful stone lamp shade, and a plant hook that we attached to the door at the top. Stone pendant light attached to door

From there, Double D installed the metal pipe parts for two shelves to sit on. I love the industrial look mixed with wood, so we got four 6″ black iron pipes, four caps, and four flanges, all in 3/4″ diameter. The length of the pipes would depend on the width of whatever shelves you were to use.  We had two leftover shelves that were 5 1/2″ wide. Metal flanges for shelving on libation station

Metal pipe Shelve holders for libation stationAnd here they are with the shelves on.  Pretty cool, and very sturdy.  We discovered that if we screwed the cap tight enough against the wood shelf, it created a pretty good lock to make the shelves secure. Shelves installed

And here is the final Libation Station! Who knew I had that much stuff scattered around my kitchen?  Now it is all in one place, and if people are over at the house, it is easy for them to see what I have to offer them. Finished Libation Station

The best part is that nothing is permanent, except maybe the drilled holes in the door. I am going to find something to hide the cords, but I haven’t had time to just yet. That will make it look even better:)

Thanks for looking!


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  1. Good use for an old door. I love the title you gave it(Libation Station). Can’t wait to get me a drink next time I visit. 🙂 Nice, Sarah

  2. That looks really great! I would never have been able to dream up such a cozy corner, it’s fabulous. The door, by itself, is awesome. But with the added functionality, you have taken it to a brand new level. Great job!

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