Hair Care Organizer turned Mailbox

Hair Care Organizer turned Mailbox

When I was in college, a friend gave me a wooden box meant to hold a curling iron, flat iron, and blow dryer. I actually did use it as intended for a little while, until I moved.  I am not a heart person, so this really wasn’t my style, but I couldn’t throw it out.  I instead used it out in my garage for years as storage for my garden tools, gloves, and water sprayer, and it worked great. Then I got a bucket buddy, and transferred everything to it, leaving this empty. Pine box for curling iron, blow dryer

To bring us up to date, Double D and I have a small problem about mail.  It normally gets tossed on the table in multiple piles until I decide to go through it.  In an effort to be more organized, I thought this box would be perfect to collect the mail, and it would all be in one spot. No more searching to find the water bill.

I started by taking the top piece off. I’m saving that for later, and might put pictures in the holes to make a frame out of it. I also gave it a good scrubbing to get all the dirt out of it. Top piece taken off to make mailbox

Painting it was a necessity, and I used a sample bottle of Ralph Lauren paint I’ve had hanging around a while, in Antique Brown. I didn’t use a primer under the paint, and I do know I should have. So far the paint seems to be holding up pretty well. Since I knew I would be covering the heart, I didn’t paint the entire front, just because I’m lazy like that.  It’ll be covered anyway, right?Ralph Lauren, Antique Brown paint color

Recently, I bought some dictionary pages that someone else had ripped out of a book, of French words with English definitions.  Being a librarian, I can’t actually stomach the thought of ripping pages out of one of my books, but I figure if someone else did it for me, I could use them:) The paper is older, and has a nice patina to it, so I put those on the front, covering up the heart.Dictionary pages ready to be glued

And here is a picture of the pages Mod Podged to the front. I ripped the paper randomly and really liked the look of it. Dictionary pages mod podged to front of mailbox

Finally, I glued a really cool tile that I had picked up at Home Depot on the front where the heart used to be.  I didn’t want any corners of envelopes going through the paper from the inside. Mailbox in Antique Brown

And here she is ready to collect mail. I think this will make us much better at being organized, at least where the mail is concerned:) I really like this color too!  Thinking my kitchen cabinets would be gorgeous in this color.Ready to collect mail

Thanks for looking!


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