Tablecloth Made from Vintage Fabric Squares

Tablecloth Made from Vintage Fabric Squares

I love vintage fabric.  I love vintage fabric that someone else had already put together into blocks even more (That means I don’t have to do it:).

I saw these and knew I had to have them.  I just loved all the colors. Someone had taken the time to sew them into two rows of six, and immediately I thought that would make a great tablecloth to keep in the camper. We already burnt a hole in the one that is in there.  Unfortunately, when I got it home, I realized it wasn’t going to be big enough to fit on a picnic table. There was no overlap to go over the sides of the table top.Vintage squares to be a tablecloth

On to plan two. I decided to add a third row to accommodate some fall on both sides. I could have just added another row to one of the sides, but I guess I like to make things harder for myself. I ripped out all the stitches, and now had 12 squares. Since they were all different sizes, I measured to find the smallest one, which was 15 1/2″ by 15 1/2″. I taped together some construction paper to make a template of that size, and got to cutting.Creating the template

This made them all the same size, and created a nice pile of squares.Vintage squares all the same size

Next, I cut six pieces of navy blue fabric with the template, and started laying out a design.  I could have gone a couple of different ways, but this is the one I finally decided on.Top laid out

Then I just started piecing the squares together to make the top.  The below picture is the back of the vintage squares. A light weight piece of fabric was used to piece the strips of fabric in the foundation method.  The strips on the front were sewn on the white fabric face down, then ironed over the seam right side up, so you can’t see the stitching by looking at the front. I have heard of paper piecing, and this is a just different method, which is nice because there is no paper to rip out afterwards.Quilting layers

I chose a blue backing to match the navy squares, and laid the top face down on top of the backing. I sewed them on three sides, and halfway on the one remaining side. That way, I could pull the quilt top through that hole to flip the quilt inside out. I don’t normally do it that way, but I figured it is just a tablecloth. I then sewed the two together by stitching in the ditch. Stitching in the ditch

And here is the finished tablecloth. I love how it turned out, and I have been promised this one won’t get burned:) Yay! I think the fabrics might be mostly from the 1960s to 1970s, so they aren’t as old as some of the other ones I have bought, but the reds and blues definitely make it seem patriotic, and summery. Perfect for the camper. Finished tablecloth with vintage squares

I guess I did have a question.  Does anyone out there know the name of this pattern?  At first, I thought it was Log Cabin, but after closer inspection, it doesn’t have a circular pattern like the Log Cabin one.  It is actually block upon block all the way around.Name of quilt pattern?

Thanks for looking!


Edited to Add:  I did find the pattern name.  Evidently, it is called Big Squares, (pretty self-explanatory, I think:), or possibly Courthouse Steps.

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