Coffee Sack framed by Old Window

Coffee Sack framed by Old Window

My friend Jimmy had given me a coffee sack sometime earlier in the summer. I knew I wanted it to go out on the screened-in porch, especially since the colors seem to go so well with what I have on the porch. I looked on Pinterest for inspiration, and I have to say, there are a lot of cool ideas. I ultimately decided to frame it to hang on the wall, but I did want something a bit different for the frame. That’s when I stumbled across an old window in July, and I bought it without even knowing the measurement of the coffee sack.  Thankfully, it worked, but just barely.

Here is what I started with. Literally, the dirtiest window ever.  This thing must have sat in an old barn or something before making its way to the antique store.Beginning of the coffee sack window frame

Another thing was that it was extremely heavy with the glass in it, so I decided to take it out.  The hook we have for it is hanging off the house siding, and I don’t want the window warping the siding because it is too heavy. To remove the glass, I had to chip away who-knows-how-old, dried up, caulking on all four sides to get the glass out. I took it outside and gave it a thorough scrubbing. After its bath

I also decided to take off the hardware, and try to remove the paint. There were so many coats of paint that it wasn’t even evident where the screw heads were. I had to scrape away paint, but they were easy to take out after I found them.Finding  the screw heads

I soaked them in a mixture of very hot water and baking soda for about an hour, and got the first latex paint layer off. The remaining layers were not latex paint, and they seemed to be adhered really well. I let them soak for about a day, and had the same results.  Then Double D soaked them in some Coca Cola, and I was able to scrape the paint off. It didn’t fall right off, but was pliable enough to come off with some help from a knife. Baking soda and hot water

Here is the end results.  I am not sure which way worked, but I am just glad one of them did. They aren’t pretty, even without the paint, but at least they will show up against the white paint now. Paint scraped off hardware

Once the glass was removed, and the hardware was off, I could paint the window frame. I just did a quick coat of Rustoleum’s white primer, focusing mostly on the sides that hadn’t been painted before. Rustoleum's white primer

Once the primer coat was dry, I painted it with Rustoleum’s Heirloom White to match the mirror that hangs on the opposite wall. This picture shows there isn’t much difference in color.Heirloom white paint coat

While that paint was drying I started working on the coffee sack part.  The opening of the window was 28″ x 17 3/4″, so I cut a cardboard piece about 1/4 inch smaller on two sides, to give enough room for the sack to fit also. On the window, three sides of the frame had a wood trim piece that supported the glass, but one side had a groove for the glass to slide up into. Because of that, I left a lip on the side to fit in the groove in the window frame, which can be seen in the below picture. Cardboard cutout

I made sure the cardboard fit, then I stapled the coffee sack to the cardboard, and fit it to the inside of the window frame. Stapling the coffee sack

Almost done… Next, I just added some jute and wrapped some floral wire around it, tied both to the eyelets that I had screwed into the back, and called it good. No I didn’t add a backing. Most people probably would, but it fit pretty snuggly, and didn’t seem to be in danger of falling out, so I left it alone.Attaching the hanger

All I had to do then was screw the hardware back on, and hang it.  Here is the finished product.Finished coffee sack window frame

I have to say that I really like how it turned out. I love the colors, and it looks great against the siding on the house. Thanks, Jimmy, for thinking of me:)

Thanks for looking!


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  1. What a fun idea, I love using the window as a frame. Thanks so much for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

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