Vintage Mirror turned Photo Frame

Vintage Mirror turned Photo Frame

Double D has taken some wonderful photos over the years, and I have always wanted a way to do a rotating display of them, based on whichever one struck me on that particular day.  I would love to have them all framed and hung, but unfortunately we just don’t have enough wall space.

One day I was browsing on Pinterest, and saw my inspiration from a seller on Etsy. Basically, it was a chippy wood frame with a string to hang the photo from.  No glass, and no backing. Brilliant, and that way I could change the photos out whenever I wanted without having to take it off the wall, pull off the back, and rehang it.

I went to a flea market in July, and found one that was big enough for the size of pictures we had been printing. Here is what I started with. That’s the back of my couch.  Sorry for the horrible photo on this one. I still can’t figure out how to take pictures of mirrors without getting something in them.Mirror turned photo frame 01

I pulled off the back, and slipped the mirror out.  Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything on the back to tell me how old the mirror is, but the mirror was incredibly heavy. Now I had an empty frame to work with.Mirror turned photo frame 02

I strung a piece of jute from either side and also added two pop can tabs as hangers. Those work so well in a pinch:)Mirror turned photo frame 03

I hung it up on the wall, stood back ready to love it, but instead I hated it.  I left it up for a week, just in case I just got used to it, but no such luck. I would walk past it and grumble to myself every time.  It just seemed so…blah, and not at all what I had envisioned from the inspiration piece. I think I just loved the chippy white wood of the other.Mirror turned photo frame 04

Back to square one.  I had a week to think about it, so I finally decided it needed a background.  I thought about putting the mirror back in, but I ultimately used the mirror to trace a pattern on cardboard instead, and wrap drop cloth around the cardboard. I taped the jute string to the back of the cardboard, and put the original wood backing back on over the cardboard. It was ready to be hung again.Mirror turned photo frame 05

Here it is on the wall.  I’m sure it isn’t obvious in this picture, but the shelf was crooked.  I knew it was, and in fact, it has been for eight years.  Obviously it wasn’t a big deal to me until now, but I did take some time to fix that.Mirror turned photo frame 06

And here is the frame after prettying up the shelf. I added some old books I had, and a vintage camera. I like how I can do both vertical and horizontal photos, and it just seems more complete somehow.  Maybe I just needed to add a shelf with stuff on it in the beginning:)Mirror turned photo frame 07

You can take a look at Double D’s pictures over at his blog, DanDaphotographier, if you would like.  Now I have to decide the next one I want printed. Mirror turned photo frame 08

Thanks for looking!


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  1. I saw this at your house last time I was there. I don’t know if it was finished or not. Very good way to display his photographs. I always thot it would be nice to have a display like they do at the Atchison Octoberfest in my home. All the art work is in a box like display and you just thumb through them. I can’t think how to explain it. Anyway, I can’t wait to see what is on display next time I visit. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

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