40th Anniversary Picture Block

40th Anniversary Picture Block

A long time ago, I saw these really cool blocks that someone had done using pictures to commemorate their wedding.  I searched forever, thinking I would find them again, but I have no idea where I saw them, so I can’t give credit to whoever it was.  I originally did a block featuring my grandparents a couple of years ago, and was asked to do another one featuring my aunt and uncle for their 40th anniversary.  Instead of the black and white theme I did on my grandparent’s one, I decided to go with purple and green, one of my favorite combinations.

I started by gathering my supplies I thought I would need. I had Double D cut a 2×4 so that it stood 8″ tall, and he sanded the corners a little so they were rounded.  I needed my clear contact paper, scrapbook paper, punches, pictures, and laser jet printed sayings. My aunt and uncle did ask to have their faces pixelated to put on the internet, so I did that for them.  One picture is from their wedding day, and the other is their 25th anniversary picture.  Wood Picture Block Project 01

I first painted the piece of wood.  I just did around the edges where the paper would not be, and the entire bottom. It is a nice deep purple shade.Wood Picture Block Project 02

While the block was drying, I started working on the sayings.  I had printed them out using a Laser Jet printer.  That is important.  Then I cut them out, and stuck them in between the sticky contact paper and the backing, facing front. I like to take my fingernail and really apply pressure to make sure the ink sticks to the contact paper.Wood Picture Block Project 03

The next step is to let them soak in warm water for about 15 minutes, after cutting the backing away and discarding. Wood Picture Block Project 04

Then you can start taking the paper off. I like to remove the first layer, and let the layer with ink soak a bit more.  After you do that, just take the pad of your finger tip and lightly rub the paper completely off.  The goal is to leave the ink stuck to the contact paper, and not any paper. You can see the discarded paper in the bowl in the picture below. You also don’t have to worry about the finished product still being sticky.  The stickiness stays:)Wood Picture Block Project 05

While I was waiting for the paper to soak, I started getting pieces of scrapbook paper cut out for the sides.  I also used a corner rounder on the pieces to give it a bit of softer look. Wood Picture Block Project 06

And then I just started Mod Podging the pictures and paper to the block.  I knew I wanted as much of my aunt’s wedding dress as possible, so I chose to make that picture longer.  I also added a piece of ribbon that was already sticky to camouflage the joints between the pictures and paper.Wood Picture Block Project 07

After the paper and the pictures dried, I was able to use the contact paper sayings to go down the sides.  I just lined them up and rubbed them on. I also added the embellishments to each side and also to the top. In the below picture, you can see the sticky ribbon I added.Wood Picture Block Project 08

And here is the other side.  I didn’t take a picture of the top, but I believe it said Cherish on the chipboard tag.  I can’t remember:( Unfortunately, these are impossible to capture a picture of both sides.  I think that is what I like about them though.  You can show whichever side you feel like at the time.

Happy anniversary to a wonderful couple. It is quite the accomplishment!Wood Picture Block Project 09

Thanks for looking!


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  1. Oh Smiley and Double D/you both are so awesome and sometimes I feel we don’t tell you just how awesome you are! You had so little time to do this and yet it was done with your usual care and attention to detail. Kuddos to both of you! We love and appreciate all that you do for this family!!

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