Faux Leather Topped Sewing Table

Faux Leather Topped Sewing Table

Years ago, Mom gave me her old sewing machine table.  I am not sure where she got it, but it was originally one that had the sewing machine sitting down in it. Because the sewing machine was gone, someone screwed pieces of wood on the top to cover the hole, and to make it functional again. She used it that way for a long time, and you can even see the outline from where her sewing machine sat:)Sewing table with wood top

I myself used it that way, until I could come up with a way to cover the wood. Then I bought some scrapbook paper that looks like brown leather, and I knew I could use that and Mod Podge the paper to the wood.  It was the same paper I used to cover a suitcase I redid for my mom, so I knew it would turn out great.

 I started by taping all six pieces of 12″ x 12″ paper together on the back side.  I did that just so I wouldn’t have to worry about lining them up while gluing.  The tape didn’t seem to affect the final outcome. Then I just started gluing using my Mod Podge. Applying Mod Podge to sewing table

It always makes me worry when I see what the Mod Podge does to paper. It makes it bubble like crazy, and you think it will be like that forever. And then it dries…just fine:) Here is what it looked like after the paper is glued to the wood. I let it dry overnight, and through the next day.First coar of Mod Podge

The next evening, I applied a coat to the top, just to give it a glossy look, and to protect the paper somewhat from needles, and scissors, and whatever else that is going to be on top of it. Again, the paper does its little bubble thing.Top coat of Mod Podge

I let the top dry, and the next evening I tackled the sides. I used duct tape to hold them down to dry.  It was the only tape I had handy but it worked like a charm. Once the sides were dry, I used a straight blade to cut the paper where the seam was between the original table, and the added wood part. That way, I got a nice line.Gluing the sides down

And here she is complete. All I have to do now is put my sewing machine on it, and I am good to go. This paper is pretty, and it really does look like a soft leather. At some point, I might paint the base, but for now, it is just fine. Finished faux leather paper top

Thanks for looking!


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  1. I do declare! Who Knew! The table was given to me from your Grandma Manthe when she got her last new sewing machine. She had to have a flat table(you probably remember that table). Your father put the top on with screws. He said that it was stronger than nails. I do remember taking the top off to move it up here to the “North Woods”. What a Clever young woman you are Miss Sarah!

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