A Pretty Tote Bag

A Pretty Tote Bag

I decided to make this tote bag for my mom for whatever she needs to tote around with her. I had made one for myself using different fabrics and decided that it was pretty easy to do. I originally got the idea from The Fine Craft Guild, using one of their free tutorials.

I used scraps from my drawer for this project, including the rest of Double D’s shirt that I made the wine sleeves out of. I started by figuring out what size I wanted this to be, which was about 9 inches wide by 11 inches long for each side.  I sewed the scraps together and then turned them right side together to sew up the sides into a pocket. After I did that, I folded the sides of my bag to form a triangle at the bottom and sewed a line.  Then I snipped that triangle off so that it would form a nice box shape at the bottom of the bag. Outside lining

Boxed bottom of bagI did the same for the inside lining, but instead of sewing up the sides first, I created a pocket for the inside of the bag. I sewed that to the right side of the lining piece, and then sewed up the sides to form a pocket. I also formed a box shape on that to match the outside lining.Inside lining

Inside lining with pocketThe next step involved creating the straps and the closure for the bag. I used what scraps of the same fabric I had left, and sewed them together. Creating the straps

I then measured that result, and divided by four since I would need four pieces to create the straps, and cut them, leaving long pieces of fabric. I sewed two pieces together, and pinned them right side together to sew down the side. After that, I had to turn them right side out, which took the longest time. I also sewed the closure flap at this time, and ironed them so the seam runs along the inside.making the straps

Next came attaching them to the outside liner of the bag. I pinned them right sides together and sewed them to the liner, with one end on the left and the other end on the right. Repeat with the other side. Same with the closure flap. Blurry pic, I know. Attaching the straps

Then comes the fun part. I always get confused on this one, so I did consult the tutorial again.  Basically, I left the outside liner how it was, and placed it in the right side inside liner.  See, I told you it was confusing. It seems like the two right sides have to be facing each other. I pinned it and sewed along the top of the bag, leaving about an inch so I could turn it right side out.Two liners together

Once I got it right side out, then the inside liner just slipped into the outside liner. I ironed that to create a nice line and then sewed along the top side to close that gap, and to make sure the handles have another reinforcement.

Almost done. Next I sewed on a snap to close the inside pocket, and did the same to the closure flap. I made a cute little fabric flower pin for the outside and glued a button in the middle. Done!

I think she looks super cute.  One thing though, I did not use the interface that was suggested on the tutorial from The Fine Craft Guild, nor did I use any kind of batting. I imagine it is a lot more lightweight this way, but if you do try it, the interface will be more supportive. You might check out the tutorial since there seems to be more technical information. Finished Tote Bag with Handles

Thanks for looking!


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  1. I was so excited to be the recipient of this beautiful tote bag! I love it!! Sarah is ever so talented and has made me a number of useful and beautiful items. Thank you Sarah!! Love you!

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