Wine bottle night lights

Wine bottle night lights

Double D and I have a love of wine, but that always leaves me with what to do with the empty bottles.  I know there is always recycling, but I have been looking for ways to reinvent the bottles. This time around, I saw an awesome idea to turn them into counter night lights. Love this idea! I used them for Christmas presents, so I included a sewn shirt sleeve as the wrapping.

What I needed:  wine bottle, 30 light mini strand, fake grapes, raffia, glue gun, fake leaves, floral wire, shirt sleeve, a cork, and a chop stick

I started with the shirt sleeve.  Basically I just cut one of the arms of off Double D’s old shirts, and sewed it shut at the bottom. I have seen these in craft stores, and thought they were adorable. The ones I saw had a strip of fabric that tied around the neck of the bottle, but mine had grapes and raffia covering the neck, so I skipped this step. Instead, I used some of the raffia and threaded it through the cuff link holes to create a closure.Wine Bottle Night Lights 01

Wine Bottle Night Light 02After I had the wine sleeves made, I started on the wine bottles.  I threaded the lights into the bottle and used a chop stick to push them all the way to the bottom.  I left a little bit of cord hanging out. Wine Bottle Night Light 03

Next, I used the floral wire to tie the grapes around the neck, tied the raffia in a bow, and glued some leaves on.  I really don’t know what kind of leave a grape vine has, so I am sure these don’t match, but that’s okay:) I also cut a notch out of the cork so that the light cord could be left hanging down the back. Wine Bottle Night Light 04

And here they are all lit up on the counter. I left the corks out while they were on, just because I wanted somewhere for the heat to escape. I think if you could find LED mini light strands, that would be best, but I couldn’t find those anywhere this year. Wine Bottle Night Light 05

And here they are with the sleeves on. I do think I would like it better if it was tied around the neck, just to see the shape of the bottle, but that’s okay. It is still a fun concept.Wine Bottle Night Light 06

I think they turned out good, and will look pretty all lit up. And, one less thing going to the landfill:)

Thanks for looking!


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  1. Sarah, Pop and I are thinking you are one crafty Lady! Can’t figure out where you got it from. It is so awesome! This makes you your own unique person!:) We are very proud that we had something to do with bringing this crafty and beautiful person into the world! On the light side, Pop said to tell you that the grapevine leaf looks like a grapevine leaf. Tee Hee

  2. Love this idea! Have wanted to make some of these for myself for a while, but haven’t gotten around to it. Where did you find the mini strand of lights? The only ones I have found are battery operated.

    • Hello KC! I got all of my supplies at Michaels, including the strand of lights. They are regular sized lights, but there was only 30 on the strand. They also had the LED in the mini strands, but all were in color, whereas I needed the white ones.

  3. Hi, your wine bottle night lights look great! I belong to an investment club consisting of five ladies and we have a gift exchange at Christmas. Last year my gift was a similarly styled night light wine bottle, except the end of the cord was let out through a hole drilled near the bottom of the bottle, polished up so it wouldn’t cut the cord. I don’t know how it was done, but it eliminates the cord hanging down from the mouth of the bottle along its back. Now I realize that the maker of that bottle probably just pushed the mini light set into the bottle entirely through that small hole. I had imagined her somehow stuffing the lights down into the bottle through the bottle’s neck, and then fishing around through the hole to find the cord (minus the plug), and then wiring it up to the plug. LOL! I would be hopeless trying to imagine something like this up for myself! Yours is a very similar idea. I love my bottle, but it’s done up in an etched Christmas motif that says Happy Holidays with snowflakes and etc. on it, so I really can’t use it as a nightlight year round. Well, I guess I could but I guess I’m too anal to do so, har 🙂 There must be some kind of tool out there that drills a hole into glass without cracking it???

    • Hello! I believe there is some kind of drill bit specifically for glass, but I don’t have one of those. I guess that if the bottle broke while I was drilling though, I would just have to drink another one. Oh, darn:) Anyway, I have heard of people drilling into glass, so there has to be something out there.

  4. I love this idea. I don’t want to spend the money on a drill on all the other stuff that comes with it. I was hoping to find someone for fed the lights through the neck of the bottle. I will be so doing this with my next wine bottle. Thanks for the share.

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