Two New Lamps, Thanks to Oil Rubbed Bronze

Two New Lamps, Thanks to Oil Rubbed Bronze

Many years ago my mom and I got lamps at a local department store.  They weren’t quite matching, but close enough that they had the same body type.  I drug mine through many different house moves, and Mom always had her’s sitting in her room.  A while ago, she decided to give it to Goodwill, but I thought it would be nice to have a partner for mine, so I kept it. Here are some before pictures.Before lamp

Not Quite Matching LampsI used Rustoleum’s Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint to give them a makeover. It appears that I missed a couple of spots in this next picture, so I gave them a second coat. First coat of ORB

And here they are done.  It definitely wasn’t a hard thing to do, and even though they aren’t exactly alike shape wise, I think they are close enough that you really can’t tell. Finished lamps

I really like how they turned out. Mom, if you want yours back, I would be willing to part with it:)

Thanks for looking!



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  1. Well, I do declare! Who knew! They are pretty, Sarah. You can’t tell they are not a match. Looks pretty good in the picture. No, I don’t want it back, you enjoy them. They look like they are in “my” bedroom anyway. You certainly have a way with good will stuff. 🙂

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