Handwritten Recipes Framed

Handwritten Recipes Framed

I have been privileged to have had a lot of great cooks in my family. So, I decided to honor them by framing their handwritten recipes and hanging it in my kitchen. I have my mom, and my two grandmothers represented in this project. For some reason, it felt important to me to have them in their handwriting, especially with technology now that lets you send things via email. I think that might be the only time you hear me say even a little bit bad about technology:)

So I had the recipes, and a frame that I have had for a long time.  The frame was dark pink, and while I am not a pink kind of girl, I had picked up a vintage plate at an antique store.  I loved the dark pink daisies that are on the plate and it just seemed to match. I then printed a saying out using laser print, and used the trick of pasting that to clear contact paper, wetting the paper, and rubbing it off gently with your fingertips.  That leaves the ink transferred to the contact paper.  Whoever discovered this should be given a medal:)

I had originally done this a while back, but I had glued the plate to the glass and it had fallen off (luckily it didn’t break).  I decided that glueing it wasn’t the way to go, so I had to come up with a different plan.  After some thinking, I ordered an invisible plate hanger from Amazon. I love these things, just wet the adhesive, stick it on, and let dry.  I haven’t tried removing one before, but I hear they come off just fine.Adhesive plate hanger

After I had the plate hanger attached, I used some fishing line to hang the plate over the glass, and taped the remaining line to the cardboard backing. I am hoping it won’t fall again. Come gather at our table

This picture isn’t the true color.  I had to take it without the flash because there would have been a bright light in the middle if I had used the flash. Anyway, it is just a way to keep some of my family history with me, but I do love how it turned out.

Thanks for looking!


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  1. Sarah, you are one crafty young lady and we are so proud to call you our Niece. Please take pics and post them so we in KY can see your home. I bet it is one for rememberance. You two put such hard work and love into your “home”. Love, Mimi

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