Camper Reno, part 6: Spray Painted Seat Cushion Fabric

Camper Reno, part 6: Spray Painted Seat Cushion Fabric

Well, I can’t believe I did it, but I painted the camper seat cushions.  I had heard somewhere that Krylon spray paints could be used on fabric, so I decided to try it. I had originally thought I would make some seat covers for the cushions, but I like to paint, more than I like to sew.  Obviously, I was dreading the sewing part, or these would have been done in the spring, when I did the rest of the camper. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize until I was completely done that I had used Valspar paint instead of Krylon. Major OOPS! It seems to have worked though.

The eating area of the camper consists of four cushions, and a strip of fabric running along the wood backing of one of the seats. I pried the strip off, and painted that first, just to see if it turned out okay. It did! Don’t mind the pile of towels in the second photo:)Painted strip

strip in placeAfter I decided I liked the outcome  of the strip, I tackled the cushions. I noticed the pattern was able to be seen still, but that didn’t bother me nearly as much as the design. I definitely had to do two coats using the color Indigo Streamer, and alternate the direction of the spray to get it all covered.  It did seem to dry pretty fast. One cushion halfway done

One cushion done, on to the nextAnd here they are completed. I have to be honest, and say that the fabric does have a different feel to it now.  It is almost crunchy, which I hope will go away after we use them next season, but it really isn’t a bad feeling, just different. That also might be because I used the wrong paint.  Krylon might leave a totally different feeling.  Finished painted cushions

Anyway, it can be done, and it there doesn’t have to be any sewing involved:) We’ll just have to see how it holds up now.

Thanks for looking!



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