Art Deco Door Knob Plates…Framed

Art Deco Door Knob Plates…Framed

I was at an antique store a while back and found these door knob plates for $2.00 for the pair.  I picked them up, because I have a certain love for all things Art Deco.  I figured I could use them for something, but I didn’t have any specific ideas.  They sat around for a while and then I had an idea.  When we redid our bedroom wall a few years ago, I had taken down two rectangle pictures I have had since college.  I wasn’t really into the whole moon and stars thing anymore, but I didn’t give them away, and instead stashed them for later use.  I am glad I did because these were perfect. Sun and moon frames

I started by spray painting the frames with ORB. They were a gold color.  Wow! So much better now. You’ll have to excuse the other stuff in the photo.  I believe it was April and I was doing the camper hinges.  So long ago…before gold frames

Oil Rubbed Bronze ORB frameAfter they were spray painted, they sat over the summer.  I had way too many other things going on to worry about them.  This weekend, however, I finally got to work on them. I cut some pretty scrapbook paper, and placed it on the back of the matted sun and moon.Scrapbook paper for frame

I then put the pictures back together, and included the glass. Then I hot glued one door knob plate onto each piece of glass. Ready to hang.  Completed art deco frames

And here is a picture of one on the wall. Unfortunately, I have a huge window in between them so it would be hard to get a good picture of them together.  Also, the flash had to be on in this one because the room was so dark, but I think the coloring is pretty close, and the detail is clearer. Art Deco door knob plate on the wall

Anyway, nothing too hard and it was a great way to use an architectural piece of history.

Thanks for looking!


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