The Mini-Vacation to Hermann, MO

The Mini-Vacation to Hermann, MO

We made an impromptu trip to Hermann, MO this last weekend to celebrate three birthdays in my family that were happening this fall. Double D and I had been there in 2006 and loved the small town feeling, along with the German culture that is still prevalent, especially since we have lots of German heritage between the two of us. Also, it doesn’t hurt that Hermann has numerous wineries in town, and in the surrounding area.

We all stayed at different bed and breakfasts so we all had different experiences, and lot of good food to start our days.  Double D and I stayed at Meyer’s Hilltop Farm Bed and Breakfast and had a wonderful time. The following pictures are from the walk we took around the farm. The picture in the middle is of a huge sycamore tree that has been hollowed out but still has live foliage. It was big enough for me to climb in and still would have been able to hold three more people.Scenery at the farm

Hollowed out Sycamore TreeTrees at the farmWe all really enjoyed touring the Stone Hill Winery, and learned some interesting history, such as during Prohibition the cellars were used for growing mushrooms.  Who knew? Stone Hill Winery rows

Stone Hill Winery GrapesWe also toured the Hermannhof, Adam Puchta, and Oak Glenn Wineries.  The following pictures were taken at Oak Glenn overlooking the Missouri River. Oak Glenn Winery grapes

Oak Glenn ViewThe last day we were there we all walked up a huge hill overlooking the town of Hermann to watch a Civil War Reenactment at the Hermann Farm.  I had never seen anything like it, and since we all love history, it was neat to see it in action.  We all know the outcome, but the spectators got to see the Confederates up close.Civil War Reenactment actors

Civil War ReenactmentAnyway, we had a wonderful time with family, lots of great food, wine, beer, and breakfast, enjoyed in the most wonderful weather we could have asked for. You should go if you live close.

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  1. It looks interesting and inviting…glad to hear you had fun. Some of my friends are going there next month and invited me but I have not yet decided if I should go…

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