A Headboard Bench Build

A Headboard Bench Build

This is another bench Double D and I built for our new screened-in porch.  When we moved into our very first house we owned, someone had left behind part of a bed that I found in the top of the garage.  I originally thought it was part of a crib, but then I found two long pieces that must have held the mattress up, so I think it was a toddler’s bed. Anyway, I thought I could do something with them, so I lugged them to the new house, where they sat waiting for me to come up with an idea. I saw a bench plan over at Ana White and finally had inspiration hit me. It could be the back for the bench I wanted to build.

Here is what we started with.  The main piece with the spindles, and then what I assume was part of the foot of the bed. Since the main piece wasn’t going to be wide enough for the whole bench I decided to cut the foot board in half and use that to fill in. Bench parts

We started by measuring the cushion, and then building the seat per instructions on the bench plan.  We couldn’t find 2x3s in the store, so we just used 2x4s for the sides of the seat. For the seat, we used 1x3s. For the supports, we used 2x2s.Starting the bench seat

Seat is builtAfter the seat was built, we attached the legs, and trimmed the sides of the seat.  We opted out of putting the support in between the legs, just because this bench seems to be quite sturdy.legs for the bench

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of us putting the back on.  Basically, we found the middle of the bench, and the middle of the head-board, matched those up, and then screwed the base of the head-board into the seat, so that the top was level with the top of the legs. Then we took the foot board, cut it in half, and filled in the remaining gaps on either side of the head board.Added the back

After that, we added the arms, and sat it out on the porch for a week or two until I could find time to paint it.Just needs to be painted

The other night, the weather was nice so I took it out back and put on the primer coat.  Again, I used Rustoleum’s primer.Rustoleum's white primer

And after the primer dried overnight, I then painted the pretty green color you see in this picture.  It is Rustoleum’s Leaf Green.  I can’t decide which I like better, the orange I used on my last bench, or this green.  Both are pretty.  The paint was still wet in this picture, which is why it looks splotchy.Rustoleum's Leaf Green

And here she is, dried, and with her cushions.  I am so glad now that I carted the headboard all over with me.  It turned out so nice, and it is functional, too. Green bench all done

Also, if you haven’t looked at Ana White’s site, you should.  It has all kinds of building plans that you can follow, and build whatever you need.

Thanks for looking!


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