A Quilt Revamp

A Quilt Revamp

My grandmother made quilts.  Big, comfy quilts. I was lucky enough to receive many over the years, and I use all of them. However, there was one quilt that I couldn’t use because it was made for my twin bed 25 years ago and wouldn’t fit on any beds I now own. It had nine squares down the length and six for the width, made up with Square in a Square pattern blocks .  Long and skinny.Before picture

The other problem with it is that I had used it so much as a kid that the binding was fraying along the edge. After I found that out, I thought about what I was going to do with it.  I came up with what I thought was a solution. I would take the binding off, and move one row of six along the side of nine.  That would make it eight squares by seven squares. What I didn’t realize is that there would now be a need for two additional squares to be made. Yikes.

Talk about snowballing. The project just kept getting bigger and bigger. I decided that I would take the entire quilt apart, use the nice 1970s backing for two new squares and replace that and the binding with new.  Taking the quilt apart took a lot longer than I thought it would. While I was at it, I thought I could rearrange the squares into a nice, cohesive pattern. 1970s Backing

I put all of the corresponding squares in a pile, and made the two additional ones. I counted each pile and made a drawing to work off of.  When I got to where I thought I liked how they were on the draft, I took them and laid them out on the bed. It seemed to work.Squares laid out

I then piled them in order and started sewing the squares together. Starting the piecing

There was a completed quilt top now, but summer was crazy this year, so it just sat around waiting on me to finish it. I think it was July before I got back to it.All sewed together

I then added two borders, one in cream and one in purple to match the backing. Adding the borders

Somehow, once I did get back to it, I didn’t get any pictures of the sandwiching, so you will just have to imagine the layering of the top, batting and backing.  I also tied the squares since Grandma had done that originally.

After all that was done, I let it sit another month:)  Finally, I thought there wasn’t really a whole lot left, so I got the quilting done. It is amazing what you can do with a couple free evenings. Stitching in the ditch

And here she is completed.  Is she perfect? Nooooo. But I am glad I can now use the quilt instead of having it in some drawer, and every time I look at it, I remember my childhood and Grandma.  Can’t get much better than that!Fiiished Quilt

Thanks for looking!


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  1. Oh Sarah, Grandma would be so happy! It is so beautiful! Of course, I remember the quilt. Brought tears to my eyes to see it so beautiful after so many years of use. You have so much talent!

    • Thank you! Well, it was definitely well loved. I had to stitch up a few holes and there was one spot of wax. It does look like a different quilt though.

  2. Hi Sarah, the quilt is absolutely wonderful. You are so talented and I know your grandma is so proud of you. I have several quilts and some need to be restored, but I don’t know how, so they mostly are stored away. I used a couple but wanted to safe guard the one made by my grandma and one of several made by my sweet aunt. Keep up the good work and thanks so much for sharing.

    • Thank you! Unfortunately I use all of mine, but I always wash them on the delicate cycle in cold and then air dry them. I don’t know if that is how you should do it, but it does seem to help. I think the heat from the dryer is what really hurts them.

  3. I’ll just echo the others and tell you how beautiful it is, and what a joy it must be for you now to have this wonderful quit renewed and good for another 30 years and more! I do not have a quilt from my beloved Grandma, who unfortunately died in 1962 before I entered my teen years, but I have two little knick-knacks of hers and there is hardly a day that goes by I do not seem them in my curio cabinet and think of her. All those precious memories come back without fail.

    • Thank you! I felt bad ripping it all apart, but as I was putting it back together I got to thinking how wonderful it was for her to spend hours of her hard-earned time doing this for me. It was great to know I can still treasure it, and her, just like you can with your grandmother. It is good to remember them.

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