A Vintage Beverage Cart, Sans the Wheels

A Vintage Beverage Cart, Sans the Wheels

I know, two posts in two days.  It’s a record.  However, I have been on a painting kick lately.  I think that is really odd since the weather has remained at 100 degrees for the past three weeks, but I guess I am on a roll to get the screened in porch all prettified.

I snagged this little beauty from my aunt’s awesome pile of rust, and am really pleased how it turned out.  It originally had three wheels attached, and the fourth one came with it, just not on it.  I could have probably tried to get the wheel on somehow, but it was mangled and couldn’t spin.  Instead, Double D and I came up with the plan of hack sawing the other three wheels off.  It did hurt my heart a little, but I wasn’t planning on rolling it around the porch at all, and I was worried the bad wheel would snap off under any kind of weight.  I, unfortunately, don’t own a welder. Also, I don’t have any pictures of the wheels being on the cart.

Here she is after we had taken the wheels off.  I cleaned her off and sanded the top lightly.Before the primer

Because it was rusted on the top, I used Rustoleum’s spray primer specifically for  rusty metal.  I don’t think the rust was all that bad, but I did want to protect it a little, especially since it is going to be outside. The color of the primer was a rust color, which I thought was interesting. Rusty metal primer

Then she got a few coats of my favorite color, Rustoleum’s Colonial Red.  Yummy.  First on the top side:Colonial Red top coat

Then on the bottom side:Colonial Red Bottom side

And here she is on the porch.  You will have to excuse the folding chairs.  Double D and I are planning on building two benches to put in the corner, right where the chairs are. Well, I am planning, Double D is hoping I will change my mind:)  This will be the table for that grouping. Colonial Red finished

Anyway, thanks for looking at my vintage table, and thanks Aunt Di for letting me go through your pile:)


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  1. My, my, you have been a busy bee. You would never know it had wheels on it, but I do know who has a welder:). I love RED. Can’t wait until your porch is as you want it. Maybe in time to sit for fall, huh. Love it!!

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