Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

This mirror was actually my mom’s, but it does hold some special meaning for me.  She has had this mirror for as long as I can remember.  It has hung on the walls of every house that we lived in, but tastes change, and space becomes a premium, so she decided to get rid of it.  Right now, I am looking for things to decorate my new screened-in porch, and so I thought I could change it up, and hang it outside.

Now, I did say this mirror does have some special meaning for me. A long time ago, the mirror was just a gold color. Like 1970s gold.  Then my Aunt Bee decided to give it a new life at some point in the very early 1990s.  This is where the special meaning comes in.  I was young, like 12 or 13, when I watched her wield her hot glue gun like a pro, arrange all the flowers, scrunch up a vintage doily, and fold a raffia bow into perfection.  All of this put together, and the mirror took on a totally different life.  This is the very first moment when I knew things could be changed, for little to no cost.  It took me a while to find my groove for remaking items but when I was 19 I redid my first mirror, complete with CitriStrip and sanding all on my own.  Anyway, let’s just say this story marked a beginning for me, whether I realized it at the time, or not.

On to the mirror redo:  while it was waiting for me to pick it up, the mirror had fallen in to a sad, sorry state.  There was dust, cobwebs, and grass clippings all over it. Ready to be cleaned I took it all apart, removed the flowers and doily.  I then had to pry the glue balls off with knife and give it a bath to get all of the grime off.  Yuck!Taking the back off

Here she is all better, and ready to be painted. Don’t mind my painted cardboard.  It has been through a lot with me:-)ready for the paint

I used Rustoleum’s primer that is made for plastics too, since this is plastic, and it seemed to do just fine.  Because it has been 100 degrees here and VERY humid, I was a little concerned about it not drying correctly, but it did great.with the primer

After the primer dried, I painted it Heirloom White, also made by Rustoleum.  I loved the color the minute I sprayed it on, which is odd because I am normally more of a color kind of gal.  I just think it looks a little bit classier now.  I have two bird cages that are also going to be painted this color, and then I am going to be putting pillar candles in them for the porch, too. I can’t wait to see it all come together. done and hung on the all

I know this isn’t the best photo, since I took it at night, but I am so excited to see it up on my wall.  I might want to change it up at a later point, and try to add something to it, or do some chalkboard paint.  For right now, though, I like it as is. Once I get everything painted and in place I will several pictures to show the completed porch.

Thanks for looking, and thanks, Mom, for letting me raid your things!


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    • I am seriously thinking about doing it. I have never worked with it myself, but I would love to try it. Great to know you like to work with it!

  1. I see being a fixer upper runs in the family…

    BTW, sorry I did not see ya on Friday…

    • It does run in the family, or maybe it is just making do with what you have. I don’t know what the reasoning is for all of us to fix stuff up:) Anyway, it’s all good on the Friday thing. We will have to have lunch at some point, so I can see you all again!

  2. Sarah, the mirror cleaned up and turned out very pretty. I have no idea when we acquired the mirror, but it also had some sconces too, (I think). Seems like they had gold candles in them. It was the prettiest at our home outside of Dover. Aunt Bee has always been crafty, herself. We have done many projects through the years. I am so happy to see that it still has a good home. Love you Miss Sarah. mom

    • I was telling Daniel about the sconces. I don’t have any idea what happened to those:) Glad you like it, and that your internet is running again!

    • Thank you! I will have to watch Snow White again, but I can definitely see where you are going with that:) I loved that movie!

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