Camper Reno, pt. 4: Roller blind maps

Camper Reno, pt. 4: Roller blind maps

For part four of our camper renovation, I decided I would give the roller blinds some character.  The camper has a total of four roller blinds, and three of them had to be replaced.  One wouldn’t stay down when it was unrolled, and the other two wouldn’t go up.  If you wanted to have them up, you would have to manually roll them up.  That wasn’t quite what I was wanting.

So, Double D and I went to Lowe’s and bought three replacement blinds.  This was very easy to do because we took the old ones with us, and a wonderful store employee cut them for us to the exact size.  I didn’t actually check to see if you can buy just the replacement springs/hardware simply because the old ones were yellowing with age, and also becoming brittle. It was time for some new.

I went with the basic white because I knew I would be covering them up with some really neat maps I had gotten for free.  Since it is a camper, what could be more appropriate?  First though, I had to do some work on the one roller blind that was staying.  I removed all of the curtain valances from the windows, unscrewed the fabric band from the walls that held the curtains in place, and removed the fabric trim from the actual remaining blind.Lovely trim removal

Next I had to determine which maps I was using with which blind.  I had about 15 maps to choose from and many were duplicates, which was great because two of the longer ones required two maps for each.Map layout After that was done, I then started cutting the excess paper off of the maps, so that I was left with just the maps.  I didn’t cut any off of the maps themselves because I wanted to make sure I had enough for the length of the blinds.

Then I picked up my trusty Mod Podge and a disposable brush, and got to work.  I started at the edge of the roller blind so that I could be sure that it was a straight edge I was working with, and just kept applying the glue onto the blind itself for approximately the width of the brush, and then flattening out the paper with my hand.  Repeat many times… After that part was done, and the blind was covered with the map, I flipped it over and cut off the excess map. Then, I let them dry. 

Here are the finished results.

Bedroom window

Bedroom Corner

Dining room. The before picture only shows a little tiny corner of the window.

If I do this a next time, I have learned not to overlap the maps on anything that will have sun behind them.  I wish I would have thought about this before I was finished with them, but I guess you live and learn.  Next time I will know:-)

Oh, and in case you are wondering, the next step for the camper renovation is going to be cornice boxes to cover the roll blind hardware.  That will replace the fabric valances.


$50.00:  3 roller blinds

Free:  maps

Already had:  Mod Podge

Already had:  Disposable brush

Spent:  $50.00

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