Camper Reno, part 3: Gold Handles and Hinges to ORB

Camper Reno, part 3:  Gold Handles and Hinges to ORB

Well, I think I might be done with painting, for a while, at least.  I still have to do the refrigerator grates, but that will be later.  Whoo hoo!  Double D and I took off all the doors in the camper, removed the toilet paper holder, towel holder, hinges and handles, and spray painted them in ORB, the same that I used for the faucets and door knobs.  I used the same method as in Part 2.

Here are the before pictures.  Don’t look too hard at the kitchen.  We were actually camping when I took this picture, and it is the only one I could find that I had of the kitchen.  It is really too bad we didn’t have donuts for the paint party, though.

We used the same paint and top coat as in Part 2

I can’t believe how long the can of ORB lasted.  It goes on very nicely, and I only needed two light coats on everything before the gold was covered up.  I do need to get another can because I forgot I wanted to spray the hinges on the doors.  I missed those:)

And here is the after picture.  What a difference paint does for the whole look.  I don’t think I even mind the color of the wood so much now that the handles are dark.Next up is replacing the roller blinds because all but one have issues rolling up.  You have to manually turn the top to get them up, which is no fun.  I think I am also going to buy some spray adhesive and put some maps on them.  We will see what I get up to:)  That is all for now.  Thanks for looking!


Already Had:  ORB spray paint

Already Had: Matte Clear Coat

Spent:  $0.00

Linking up to Thrifty Decor Chick’s It’s a Spray Paint Party.


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  1. It certainly looks nice when you get to see the project personally. Thanks for the tour. Your hard work looks nice. I missed the toilet paper holder, tho. 🙂

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