Camper Reno, part 2–Spray paint gold door knobs and faucets


Part two in the camper renovation has to do with the gold door knobs and faucets getting a facelift to Oil Rubbed Bronze.  I would have gone with Brushed Nickel for everything, but I like the ORB a lot right now.  I figure I can always paint them again, if I feel the need to change them up, or if they start to look abused:)

The kitchen faucet really didn’t need to be painted, but I wanted it to match all the others.  The bathroom sink desperately needed an overhaul, and the door knobs were in-your-face gold.  It was time to redo them.

Basically, I followed DIY Kinda Girl’s tutorial, except that I used Rustoleum’s Universal Paint and Primer in One. I have to say the prep work (taping) is my least favorite thing to do in any project, but I thought it would be good to do in this instance. Man, I am so glad I took the time to plastic everything.  I had paint everywhere! I also popped the cap off of the handles and removed the screw holding them in place.  I notice a lot of people in blogland are painting the handles too, but I wanted a distinction, I guess.  Maybe I will do something with them later, if the paint holds up on the faucet.

Next, I sanded the objects with a  sanding sponge to rough them up, used a dry cloth to wipe them off, and then painted them with the ORB spray paint.  I am going to show you one other picture of the during process.  You will have to excuse the mess, because we have the doors off due to painting the hinges, and door pulls tomorrow. However, I thought this was hilarious if any of you watch Dexter.  It felt like the taping and plasticing took me hours to accomplish.  I wonder what he thinks of taping and plasticing:) I know, crazy, right?

After I let the paint dry while I did some shopping with my mom and aunts, I came back and put two coats of the clear coat on the objects.  I let them dry about an hour in between coats.

And here is the after picture.  On the kitchen faucet, I tried using the Rub n’ Buff shown in the previous picture before I put the clear coat on. I decided I didn’t quite like it, and I had to repaint the faucet.  I am especially happy with the bathroom faucet, since that was in the worst shape.   We will have to see how this holds up to everyday life, although I am not going to be using a scrubber, just wipes for the faucets.  I am kind of worried about the handles, especially since I wear rings, so time will tell. Other than that, I am done with this part and will be painting the door pulls and hinges tomorrow.Completed Faucets and handles in ORB


$7.99:  ORB spray paint

$3.99:  Matte Clear Coat

Already had:  plastic and tape

Spent: $12.00

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    • Thanks, Michelle! I am slightly worried about them, but the paint seems pretty solid. I am planning on posting an update at the end of the season. We shall see!

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    • Hi Theresa! The paint on the faucets is still in great condition. I don’t use anything more abrasive than a Clorox wipe to clean them, however. The door knobs are in good condition, except for one where the door banged into the refrigerator a couple of times. That being said, none of the paint actually came off, but the clear coat I put on the knob kind of cracked. I will say that we only use the camper like four times a year, so heavier use might be a factor in how it holds up. Thanks!

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