Some Vintage/Some New Dresden Plate Quilt

Some Vintage/Some New Dresden Plate Quilt

I was in an antique store last year, and saw 12 quilt squares that someone had taken a lot of time piecing together and appliqueing to a muslin type fabric. I couldn’t pass them up. I have quilting in my blood since my grandmother made cozy, warm quilts for all of us for many years.  I do regret not knowing that I would eventually be interested in this, so that she could have imparted some of her quilt wisdom to me. I even hated sewing buttons on things when I was younger, so things have changed.

I got them home, and cut them so that they were all the same size.  One of them was stitched to the muslin so that the edge of the plate was closer to one of the sides.  I ripped out the stitches, repositioned it, and sewed it back on the muslin.Repositioned Dresden Plate block

And then I waited for some inspiration for the next six months.  They just sat around, waiting on me to decide on coordinating fabrics. The plates are busy, and since there are a lot of blues and reds in the vintage fabric, I finally decided to get those two colors with no pattern for the fabric in between the squares. Piecing together the Dresden Plate Quilt

I am not sure, but I think this design is called a Framed Block pattern. It is pretty simple.  I cut the two fabrics to go in between the squares so that the finished quilt would fit a queen sized bed.  I then started sewing the strips together.

After the main section was pieced, I started on the border pieces. The red strip in the below photo is actually pinned over the blue strip that was already pieced on so I could sew the seam and flip it over. Unfortunately, the picture seems to be a bit blurry.Sewing borders on the quilt top

Finally, the top was done.  I started piecing in November, then the holidays happened, and then more things got in the way, etc.  I decided to start again, and just get it done. Unfortunately, the next step was adding the batting and making the sandwich (top, batting, bottom). I don’t like this part because there is so much that can go wrong when you are working on a pool table.

After I made the sandwich, I secured the three pieces by tying the quilt with some blue needlepoint thread.  This is nice because it makes sure the quilt stays together as you move it around to quilt.Tying the squares

Finished Dresden Plate Quilt SquareI have had other quilts professionally quilted, but that is a lot of money if you don’t know someone who can help you out. I used the stitch-in-the-ditch method on this one, and thought it went well with the vintage fabrics.  Since this is a queen sized quilt, I had to roll the side that I wasn’t stitching so I could get it through the sewing machine.Stitch in the ditch for quilt top

And here she is finished and on our guest bed.  Our cat, Elora, gave it her seal of approval:-)Dresden Plate with Elora

I have decided to give this one to my Mom, if she wants it.  I know she has many from her mom, but she might like to have one that I did.  Sorry, Mom!  It definitely isn’t perfect, especially since I didn’t put a border on the edge, there might be some puckering, and some of the seams don’t match up.  I do like a lot about it, though. Finished Dresden Plate Quilt

Thanks for looking, and sorry for the extra long post!


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  1. Yes, Sarah, it is a beautiful quilt. Your Grandmother would be very proud of you and of course I am always proud of you. Quilting runs in your veins so to speak:) Your Grandma and Aunt Kay always quilted together. Then Juanita your Aunt Diana, your sister Alison and myself had our quilting time together with Grandma. Could be your Mamaw has influenced some of your sewing techniques, too, as she was a wonderful seamtress. I would be honored to use a quilt made by Sarah!! Love the idea!!

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