A necklace hanger for me…

A necklace hanger for me…

Finally, I have somewhere to hang my small amount of necklaces.  I have had them in jewelry boxes, but they were always seeming to get tangled up.  Also, if I kept them in there, that saying, “Out of sight, out of mind”, was true.  I never wore them.  I am almost embarrassed to say where they had taken up residence for the last couple of years, but here it is.  I don’t know, maybe more people do this than I think:-)Anyway, I had been wanting something that I could hang them so I would remember to wear them, and so they wouldn’t get tangled.  My mom had given me a vintage sewing maching table that had nice piece of wood from where the machine sat down onto it.  It is kind of hard to explain, but a piece of wood had been installed as the top later, and so the drop down piece was no longer needed.  I yanked that out of the table and it hit me that this would be perfect for the necklace hanger, especially since the wood piece didn’t have to be in great condition for this project.  I had also changed out the knobs on my old dresser last year and had six nice, round wooden knobs left over that I hadn’t wanted to just get rid of.  Perfect!!! I turned the wood over and drew out exactly where I wanted my knobs to go, in pencil.  I actually measured and used a ruler for this one:-) After this, I had to go decide what paper I wanted for the front and what would look nice with the knobs.  I found some pretty floral paper at Michael’s, brought it home, and Mod Podged it onto the wood piece.  This was somewhat difficult since I had done all of that nice measuring, and didn’t want to lose the places for the knobs.  I just did the gluing in sections, and put a push pin through the paper, into the wood as I went, to mark the spot.  I then flipped it over and used a blade to cut off the excess paper. Then Double D and I used a drill and screwed the knobs into place, using the push pins as a guide.  Now to the hanging part.  I wanted something fairly simple, so I used some jute string that I have in my stash, and pinned it to the back of the wood.  Easy peasy.  And here she is with all the pretties on her.  You can now see my naked lampshade at the bottom.  That’s funny to me for some reason:-)And one last picture.  It seems that I now have room to make some more necklaces.  I have some ideas for some cool pendants, and I can’t wait to get started. Thanks for looking!


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  1. Very pretty, Sarah. I still say you should open your own store. You and Mr. D remind me of Sarah and Roger of Sarh’s Enchanted Cottage.:)

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