How to make pillow envelopes

How to make pillow envelopes

I have seven pillow that came with our two couches, but they were the same material and color as the couches, so I always thought they blended in. Also, there was no way to wash them, unless I had the couches cleaned.  I can sew fairly well, so I thought it would be nice to make some pillow envelopes.  I used the tutorial over at Thrifty and Chic.

I have been working on these since Labor Day. I used a basic painter’s drop cloth that I had picked up at Walmart, which was easy to work with (and cheap!).  However, I would recommend you wash and dry the drop cloth before you make them.  I can attest that they do shrink, which I found out AFTER I had made the previous four.  I thought I was done a while ago, but then I found that the three that I had not sewn, but instead just tied in a bow, were constantly coming undone, and the rough edges were not pleasant to wash.  Back to the drawing board.

First, I just start out by cutting the fabric to the correct size.  Thrifty and Chic did hers by measuring the pillow, but I am more of a “by sight” person. Do whatever works for you. 

Next, I pinned the short sides to make a hem.  If you are using printed fabric, make sure the hem folds in to the wrong side.  These short sides are going to be the “envelope” part of the cover. Sew these on both ends, making sure the folds are both on the same side of the drop cloth. 

After that part is done, go back to the pillow and fold the fabric over the pillow, making sure the two short ends overlap each other, with the wrong sides of the hem facing the outside, since you will turn it right side out when it is done. Pin the overlap, and one side of the pillow. Mark with a fabric pencil on the other side where the pins should go, and take the pillow out.  Pin that side. Sew a straight line from top to bottom on each side to create the long ends.   

Turn the pillow envelope right side out, and there you have it.

Now, just put the pillow in, and you have an easy, 10 minute envelope that can now be taken off and washed. This will work with any fabric.

I like how these came out, although in this picture, I see that I could have ironed them. Oh well:-) I would like to add some embellishments at a later date, maybe some cute flowers or do a transfer, but for now, I like the simplicity.  I also like that now the pillows stand out from the couch!  I hope this made sense, but definitely check out Thrifty and Chic if you need more help. Thanks for looking.


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