Vintage Everwear trunk made into a coffee table

Vintage Everwear trunk made into a coffee table

Today, Double D and I worked on a vintage steamer trunk that my friend, Roxanne, and I had picked up at a local estate sale over the summer.  It was the last day and everything was half off, so I ended up paying $10.00 for it. It has a manufacturer logo sticker on the front that says Everwear on it, and after digging around on the internet, it seems this company was established in the 1920s and made wardrobes.  It makes sense now as to why the left side flips open, as well as the top.

Unfortunately, I have a thing for trunks.  A really BIG thing for trunks. I had three already in my house, all of which are fully functioning places for me to store stuff, but I just couldn’t pass this one up.  It was unique, and the price was right. It was decent shape on the inside, and not too bad on the outside, but I still had to clean it up a little.

Top lifted open to see separate box on the inside.

I knew I wanted this one to be a coffee table because it isn’t as deep as the others that I have.  We went to our local lumber store and selected four straight top plates with screws included, and four table legs with the screw already sunk into the wood. These items were $20.00 for everything.

Double D went about screwing the top plates into the bottom of the trunk.  This created a little problem because the screws were longer than the bottom of the trunk was thick.  We had to end up putting thin boards on the inside of the trunk to cover the end of the screw.  Not the best solution, but it will work for now.  I am not even sure what I will be storing in here yet. 

A good picture of the left side flipped open.

All we had to then was screw the legs into the top plates, and we were done with creating the coffee table. I know the trunk’s original use was to stand on the right end to be able to flip the left end open, but I probably won’t be hanging any of my clothing in there, so I think it is okay 🙂I do like the way she looks, but there is more I have to do to her.  I cleaned the trunk inside and out, and scraped off some gunk that was on the top, but I would like to paint her legs and definitely give her a couple good coats of poly, just to protect the surface.  The only problem?  I can’t decide on a color for her legs.  Black, blue, cream?  What do you guys think?
And a close up photo of the Everwear label.

Thanks for looking!


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  1. Hi Sarah, Another very pretty creativity. I wonder how much stuff you will end up with in your house made by you in years to come.

  2. That’s funny, Janet:) I had thought about selling stuff on Craigslist, but I haven’t figured out how to go about doing that. That way, I wouldn’t have to keep all of it.

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