Handmade Square Glass Pendants

Handmade Square Glass Pendants

I have been making these necklaces for a while now, mostly for family members.  I normally make them using a vintage picture, but this Christmas I decided to make them for my co-workers using pretty scrapbook paper.  I love how they turn out either way.  I originally got this idea from Simply Modern Mom, and let me tell you, that website is much more detailed. Also, I had ordered the 7/8 inch square pendant glass and bails from Sun and Moon Craft Kits previously, so I had all of my supplies ready. I love their assortment.

I started by going through my paper stash and finding pretty paper for each of the ones I wanted to make.  It would have made the process easier if I had double-sided paper, because the back of the pendant will show and need to be pretty. I didn’t, so I had to improvise.

I had also gotten a 7/8 inch square paper punch from Joanne’s a long time ago, and it came in handy for this project.

Since I didn’t have any double-sided paper, I used a paint sample chip and Mod Podged the pretty paper and the paint chip together, wrong sides facing each other.  I let that dry for a little while and then used my punch to get a 7/8 inch square of the two papers together. I am not sure if this picture is helpful, but the purple showing will be the back to which I glue the bail onto.  The pretty paper is on the underneath of it.

Next, I take my Aileen’s Paper Glaze, which I bought at Michael’s, and apply a drop to the glass square, using a toothpick to get any air bubbles out.  The paper is carefully laid over the glass, with the pretty paper being sandwiched between the glass and the purple backing.  I have found that it is helpful if you turn it over, and press down lightly to get all of the air bubbles out.  This might result in some excess glaze leaking out from under the glass, but it comes right off with a bit of scraping.

After that dries overnight, flip it back over and apply another drop of the paper glaze to the purple backing, spreading out with a toothpick, and making sure to remove any air bubbles.  Once it dries, it should have a nice, shiny appearance to it.  This photo is of another one I did, because I evidently didn’t get one of the purple back.  Sorry!

Add a bail with some craft glue, and hang it from a chain, and you will have a beautiful, handmade necklace.  The possibilities are endless with this craft. I don’t think I forgot anything, but please check out Simply Modern Mom’s tutorial if you need more assistance. 


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