The Purple Chandelier

The Purple Chandelier

Well, I know it has been a while since I posted anything.  That doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy:-)  I have made some Christmas gifts (which I will post AFTER Christmas), and am working on piecing a quilt together.  Whew, all that, plus getting ready for Christmas and decorating, has made for a busy month.

This post is about a brass chandelier that went from 1980s glam to beautiful.  My friend, Sylvia, had given it to me thinking I might be able to use it, and I am so glad she did, since this classy lady is now hanging over my craft desk in the basement.  I am hoping she might give off some heat, since it can be chilly down there.

Here she is in all of her brassyness.

I had also bought an old wooden frame at a garage sale for a dollar.  Can’t beat that price.  I wanted that to go on the ceiling as a medallion of sorts, kind of like the ones you can buy at Lowe’s.

I primered both pieces and then spray painted them a lovely shade of purple with Rustoleum Painters’ Touch.  I should have used my new spray trigger but I forgot about it.  Yes, these pictures should tell you how long this project has been hanging around my house.  The grass is green, and the trees still have their leaves:-)

After she dried, I took a couple of months off.  Um, literally.  That is why the grass is green and there are leaves in the pictures.  I decided I was close to finishing, so I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some Christmas decorations, like crystal drop ornaments, and pearl garland at half off.  Whoo hoo!  I did check in the lamp section, and they have the crystal drop things but they weren’t half off, and pretty expensive for just two to a pack. I strung the pearl garland in between the arms and from the cups and the top of the chandelier.  Then I added the crystal drop ornaments to make her even more classy.

After the body of the light was done, I started on the medallion for the ceiling.   I had the frame, but there was no backing, so used a HP box that we had sitting around and cut a hole in it just smaller than the finishing cap of the chandelier.  I had a blog bookmarked for creating fabric transfers using Citrasolv, and so I used this method for printing onto a scrap piece of drop cloth. It was really easy, and fun to do.  Just make sure you use a laser printer to print the image.  This image used was from the Graphics Fairy.  Love that website!

This went into the frame.

Now both parts were ready and we just had to hang it.  Small problem.  Double D and I got it hung, put in a light bulb…and nothing happened, so we took it down again.  I was crushed, and I had all of these other ideas I could do with it, but I kind of wanted it in my little corner of the basement.  Thankfully my dad and my brother, who are electrical savvy people, came to my house for Thanksgiving, and I put them to work figuring out why it wouldn’t turn on.  The funny thing about these lights is evidently they need all eight bulbs in them to turn on. They had it figured out and working in two minutes.  Now I know, and will keep that little nugget of info with me for a while.

Well, we finally got it hung this weekend.  We evidently took another month off.  Here is a picture of the old light.  Blah.

We took the old light apart and screwed the medallion to the ceiling.  Thankfully the hole in the cardboard was correct, so we didn’t have to take that apart to enlarge the hole. I had to stand there with my arms up, holding the chandelier, while Double D did all of the electrical work.  We knew what to expect since we had already had it up there once:-)

And here she is. Man, is she bright, but that is what I needed since I do so much down there.  One picture with the light on, and one with it off.  A big thanks to Double D, Pop, and Kijit for helping me out on this one!


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  1. Thanks, you two. It was fun, although it took forever for me to get motivated to hang it. I don’t know why that was, but I am glad I did finally.

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