The shirt that wanted to be a skirt

The shirt that wanted to be a skirt

Let’s just get this out there.  I am not a seamstress in any stretch of the imagination, if fact the air is normally blue all around me by the time I am done. I am sure I am even using incorrect sewing terms in the post 🙂 This was the first time working with elastic.  Not as bad as I thought it would be, although I think I could have gotten it a bit tighter.  Also, this is the most imperfect skirt I will ever own, but it was still kind of something I had to try…

Well, this project came about because Double D, my husband, paid $20.00 for a shirt without trying it on first.  Then he did try it on, and discovered it was way too short for his tallness.  Fast forward five months, when we are cleaning out the car, and discover the shirt in the bag with no receipt.  Hmm, I doubt a store will take back a shirt five months later with no receipt.  It really was a nice fabric, pretty color and way too expensive to just give away.  So that got me thinking. It would be perfect for my shortness.

A few years ago I had gotten a magazine from a friend, I believe the title was ReadyMade, which had an article about making a men’s shirt into a skirt.  Cue lightbulb…That sounded like a great idea for this, since we would just be giving the shirt away, and in exchange I could wear it, and enjoy it.  I started cutting the shirt.  First I cut the lower portion of the shirt away just at the seam in the armpits for the skirt portion.  I then used rest of the back fabric from the top portion to create three pieces of fabric. 

I sewed those three pieces together, front to front, on each seam for one long piece of fabric.

Then folded the long piece in half lengthwise, also front to front, and ironed it.  Then I ran a seam on the open ends. This is what I used as the tube to run the elastic through after it was turned right side out. I also ironed the tube to create a nice line. I also made the length intentionally longer than it needed to be so I would have more to play with if I needed.

I put the body of the skirt on the floor and pinned the tube to the top edge of the skirt, front to front, and sewed them together, leaving the ends of the tube open so I could thread the elastic through.  After lifting the tube up, I ironed the seam to create a nice finished look.

Now it was time for the elastic.  I swear this took me way longer than it should have because I didn’t use the threading trick I remember from childhood.  You know, where you pin a safety pin to the end of whatever it is to help you thread.  I don’t know if this would have saved me time, but I do think it might have helped my muttering 45 minutes in.  I do not have any experience using elastic, but it wasn’t all that difficult, just really time consuming.After 45 minutes... finally

After I got that part done I sewed up the ends to create a seam in the side of the tube, and attached it to the skirt part with a few stitches.  Easy peasy.  Here is the final product. I guess I could have ironed it before Double D took this picture.

And one more view.  Don’t ask me why my fingers are like that.  I really wouldn’t have an answer for you:-)  Because it is winter, I put it on with my boots and leggings, but I can definitely see me wearing it in the summer.  Is it wedding material?  Um, no.  But it is perfect for a lazy summer day or a casual day at work in the winter.  Thanks for looking.


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